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Samsung announced that it would introduce a smartphone with a curved display in October. The company’s mobile business head of strategic marketing, D.J. Lee, confirmed that Samsung would launch the phone in South Korea.

The curved display technology is a fairly new concept that allows smartphone screens to bend or fold to create various designs. Curved displays have been talked about for quite some time, but most expected Samsung to showcase the technology with the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Watch.

Although the main application for flexible displays is in the form of a device that can wrap around a user’s wrist, the innovative technology may also provide some other perks. The plastic liquid crystal displays are shatterproof and the lack of frames could allow manufacturers to produce unique designs. The flexible screen would also be a significantly thinner display, which would allow for more space in traditional smartphones to add in extra memory and other components. Flexible displays however, may not make their debut into mass production soon since manufacturers are still finding means to mass produce the flexible components cheaply.

The company did not provide too many details on the matter, but fans can enjoy Samsung’s other announcement to offer two gold variants of the Galaxy S4. The announcement follows Apple’s release of the gold iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S4 is available in gold/brown and gold/pink options.