In a world filled with overly enthusiastic die-hard Apple fans, Samsung had to find a way to overshadow its biggest competitor. Apple’s marketing typically emanates grandeur, promoting the idea that anyone can change the world with a Mac or iPad in hand. In lieu of commercials glorifying the mobile devices we (apparently) so desperately need, Samsung chose to mock Apple and its products in a couple new spots from 72andSunny.

As a continuation of its The Next Big Thing Is Here campaign, Samsung released two new video spots: the first, a parody of Apple’s iPad air commercial and the second, a side-by-side comparison of LeBron James on an iPhone and Galaxy smartphone.

The original Apple ad:

Samsung’s parody:

Smartphone comparison:

Because so many people are personally invested in the Mac v. PC war (which, as of late, has become more of an Apple v. Samsung war), the videos’ view counts and comment sections are blowing up. The first spot currently has 3.3 million views and over 2,000 comments and the second has 4.5 million views and 1,300 comments.

Though Apple controls the U.S smartphone market with 45%, Samsung dominates worldwide with 31.3% of the market. Apple also leads the U.S. tablet marketing with a 33.8% share versus Samsung’s 18.8%. However, when it comes to year-over-year growth in this market, Samsung is thriving (85.9% growth compared to Apple’s 13.5%). This technology war is about brand perception; in order for Samsung to compete with Apple, it has to impress consumers with its advertising efforts.

Samsung saw great success with previous spots picking on Apple and its fans, so it’s no surprise that the company went down that road again. Its Next Big Thing spots featuring the Galaxy SII & SIII racked up nearly 40 million combined views and 640,000 social shares.

The brand bashing between these companies isn’t a one way street. Apple’s “Mac v. PC” ad campaign faced off the two in human form, positioning Macs as hip and trendy and PCs as frumpy and old-fashioned.

This constant battle over brand image is not going away any time soon. At this point, it seems like Apple and Samsung are sworn enemies and will forever be engaged in a tug-of-war over fan bases and market share.