Owning and operating a dedicated business phone system is a frustrating and expensive ordeal when business owners insist on using traditional landline phone systems. Most systems require a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) server to manage multiple phone lines and extensions, which costs thousands of dollars just to purchase and install. Factor in the cost of phone service, maintenance, and the dedicated IT staff needed to keep it running, and the bill ends up running up thousands of dollars monthly.

Thankfully, businesses can use a money-saving alternative to phone service that uses the Internet to relay calls. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems use far simpler phone switching techniques than the the old-school phone companies do: this not only means lower costs, but better audio quality and more included features, too. Subscribing to a business VoIP service is more than just a great way to save money, it’s a great way to give a business an entire communications makeover.

Professional Appearance at Half the Cost

VoIP services cost a company under half the price of a traditional phone system, with or without PBX services. An expensive PBX may make businesses sound professional over the phone with their automated attendants directing callers to the appropriate extension, but the cost keeps many businesses far away from such a system. This not only denies businesses access to powerful calling features, but also gives customers the impression that the business is not “good enough” to have a professional phone system.

Fortunately, most business VoIP providers offer Hosted PBX services, which give remote Internet access to an off-site PBX server for a small monthly fee. There’s no initial investment in a several thousand dollar computer server, no need to dedicate storage space, and especially no need to worry about any kind of maintenance either. The simple truth is that Hosted PBX grants big business phone service at an affordable price, often for under $20 each month.

While other business telephone services charge extra for every tiny feature that they can, virtually all VoIP providers include these same features with their basic service, absolutely free of charge. These features all make a business look more professional, and include things like customized hold music, enhanced voicemail, and even IP-based fax and video services. Multiple phone lines with different area codes that all go to the same number are also available, which lead customers to believe that a business has multiple locations nationwide.

It may be hard to believe, but VoIP services offer more phone for a less money. First impressions are the most important part of keeping customers interested in doing business, so improving appearances while paying less money is a sure-fire way to improve overall business health.