Review: Websense V5000 Unified Security Appliance

The Websense V5000 is a unified hardware and software security solution specifically designed to make security simpler for enterprise branch offices. It is one of two options available in the Websense V-series. The other option, the V10000 appliance, is similar but is designed for large ­enterprise deployments. The V-series virtualization architecture is designed for content security deployments and consolidates key Websense solutions into a unified, high-performance platform.

The V5000 offers embedded web, e-mail and data loss prevention (DLP) applications integrated into one appliance. It is a great solution for use in business, as it ensures regulatory and security compliance.

Websense bundled its web, e-mail and data security software products into Triton Enterprise Security. The suite was preinstalled on a 1-rack unit (1U) appliance running Red Hat Linux. A second appliance running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise served for review purposes as the platform from which to manage Triton Enterprise’s browser-based, unified management console. It’s a cost-effective solution that delivers greater functionality and value than comparable options.

End-User Advantages

Sophisticated threats against data infiltrate the network as blended attacks that end users sometimes aren’t aware of. For example, a link that appears to lead to the corporate website can actually lead to a poisoned site; logging in to new web apps can trigger phishing attacks; and clicking on a link within an e-mail can execute a malicious script. Websense Triton lets users log on to their favorite social media sites to grow business and extend reach to customers, vendors and partners while simultaneously protecting users’ systems from malware and other threats. And with Websense, users’ systems are automatically upgraded so their threat protection is always current.

Why It Works for IT

The V5000 with Triton Enterprise puts IT staff in the driver’s seat, with a single management dashboard that helps build out a security solution to meet specific needs, tailor those configurations and then ­manage all network clients. ­Websense enables IT to scale the solution with a license key. The V5000 appliance is preconfigured and security-hardened, which ensures that an enterprise will face fewer vulnerabilities such as ancillary software or open ports — and it’s tested before it’s delivered. As a result, network deployment is greatly simplified. The 1U form factor consolidates function, frees up real ­estate in the rack, lowers capital ­expenditures due to reduced hardware ­requirements and ­reduces operating expenditures through lower power consumption.

The number of e-mail users that the Websense V5000 security appliance will support

From a management standpoint, the unified, web-based dashboard interface is easily understood. It is divided into three main areas — web, data and e-mail — from which administrators can manage CPU, memory alerts and all licensed services.

The dashboard also provides granular policy controls as well as real-time monitoring and reporting features. It gives administrators the ability to configure clustered systems, easing implementation of load-balanced clusters in a large agency environment. Once the appliance is fully deployed, IT staff won’t need to communicate via ­command line with other hardware. Even better, Websense provides a single contact for support across all licensed applications included on the V5000 appliance.


The V5000 appliance with Triton Enterprise Security requires an additional ­Windows Server to run the Triton manage­ment console. This shouldn’t be a barrier for most IT departments, because most likely have an available Windows Server that they can press into acti