We Prat About!

Despite my years of Rock Band practise earning me Exceptional Screecher Award in the neighbourhood for several consecutive years, my voice box heavily reinforces itself in fear of We Sing Pop!. I’m clearly not the ideal target market for this title, and no amount of video footage of Nicole Scherzinger undressing in cabs is going to convert me into a lover of this game. It does, however, manage to evolve from the side-line attraction of a gathering into a full-blown party thanks to its simple charms.

We Sing Pop! is a 30 song karaoke collection designed to act as socialite nectar. A quick glance at the set-list makes it clear that the game has earned its pop tagline. The game has an impressive line-up should you dabble in the genre, from recent hits to forgotten wonders. There’s a great mix of songs ripped straight from the charts from Rolling In The Deep-Adele to Hey Ya!-Outkast. It’s a collection that will most certainly draw in the teens and keep them glued to microphones for hours with its catchy selection and multiple modes.

Of course, the 22 year old talentless misanthrope who writes these sentences doesn’t get a lot of joy from barking out the most sugartastic pop-hits. Rather, my lack of self-esteem relies on how strong the cheesy line-up of hits are, mainly because I’ll get a laugh out of good or bad singing regardless. There’s certainly a half-decent selection of such naff tracks, with such notable examples being Ice Ice Baby-Vanilla Ice and I’m Your Man-Wham!. These may seem like such easy naff targets, but it’s songs like these that draw the hermits like me in in a bid to parody the sheer amount of cheese. I mean, who on earth resists the lures of Y.M.C.A.? Joking aside, I wish there were some more of these daft classics in the line-up, as it would at least rope in a broader range of players to this rather solid singing game, but this is personal preference speaking.

Its collection of gameplay modes will certainly keep the party alive for a good few hoursMy spoilt eyes have become accustomed to crystal clear images in this gaming generation, and We Sing Pop! suffers from this expectancy. This isn’t necessarily the games fault, if anything it’s doing the best it can with the hardware it has to work with, but it would’ve been nice if some of the background videos came in high definition glory. As it stands, however, it does the job, with the game interface being simple and easy to follow whilst remaining colourful and approachable.

Although the set-list isn’t quite as comprehensive as hoped, We Sing Pop! comes with a good plethora of modes to delve into should the party get going. If you’re more of a solo player, you can investigate 30 singing lessons that come equipped to train you into a formidable opponent in sing-offs. The confident can tackle songs without lyrics and pitch indicators to show off that they’re the rhythmic Wikipedia of pop. You can duet on some songs with a harmonious partner or race opponents to a set score in a bid to outdo foes. We Sing Pop! really has thought about what players would potentially want out of the game and made a mode for it.

If you’re a We Sing veteran, you’ll most likely get more out of this than newcomers. As We Sing Pop! already comes bundled with two microphones, you will already be able to delve into some multi-player action. Providing you have a USB hub and some spare mics left over from previous games, you’ll get the chance to battle it out or collaborate with up to three other singers, and the enjoyment of the game seems to multiply by the amount of players you manage to draw in.

Ultimately, We Sing Pop! is a solid party title that’ll do the job should your karaoke machine be jammed with too much dust to work. It certainly doesn’t shine as brightly as most of its rivals, and certainly won’t shut up the miserable elder in the corner proclaiming that music is quickly and painfully dying, but its collection of gameplay modes will certainly keep the party alive for a good few hours. Those looking to expand on their We Sing collection with a sweeter bevy of content will get the most out of Pop!, being able to utilise their old mics to create an even bigger party, and if the set-list appeals to you you’re onto a winner. I’m just hoping the next instalment is altogether a lot more ambitious to take on big-wig karaoke titles on other platforms.

We Sing Barbershop perhaps…
The Good: Good collection of songs, Bundled with enough mics for some competitive singing, Good mix of modes for both parties and the lonelyThe Bad: Music videos don’t look brilliant, Only 30 songs doesn’t leave enough room for some true classics, Presentation isn’t stellar but won’t effect We Sing fans

Gameplay: Gameplay - 7 out of 10 7
Graphics:   Graphics - 6 out of 10 6
Sound:      Sound - 7 out of 10 7
Overall:     Overall - 7 out of 10 7