Data loss can be a nightmare for anyone and it is scary when it does happen to you. Data loss can be due to various reasons, but that doesn’t matter because ultimately the fact remains the same.


You have lost all your data, including important files and without any backup, you are totally lost. But now you have a life savior in the form of iSkysoft Data Recovery. They claim to solve your problem and bring back the lost data.

Reasons behind data loss:

  • Deletion: including Shift + Delete or deleting everything from Recycle Bin, without proper backup.
  • Formatting or corruption of the device.
  • Human error in operating with these data or simple power off, virus attack or Windows OS gets reinstalled.
  • Partition problem like deletion, lost, resizing, damaging or invalid one.

Ability of iSkysoft Data Recovery

Now what this software has the ability to do, is recover all your lost data and the reason for your lost data can be any of the above mentioned reasons. Not only can it recover your documents, but also images, music, videos, emails, etc. Everything that you can think of can be completely retrieved. Moreover, this software works effectively on USB flash drive, PC, Notebook, memory cards, external hard drives, etc. If you want to try this software first before investing, then you have about 100 MB of free recovery available for you.

Recovery Mods

You don’t need to be an expert or a tech geek to operate this software, because of the recovery methods that this software uses. It is pretty simple and easy to use. Here you will get 4 modes of recovery from which you have to choose the correct one. The 4 recovery modes are:

  • Wizard Mode Recovery – This one is the simplest of all. You just need to answer 2 simple questions and everything will be taken care of by the software.
  • Lost File Recovery – Sometime we delete items from the desktop directly by using Shift + delete or formatting takes away all the information stored in the system. This mode will help you get back all that data.
  • Partition Recovery – As the name suggests, the data that was loss due to partitioning can be recovered through this mode.
  • Raw File Recovery – This mode will scan your system inside out and provide you the raw file without mentioning the name or the path.

Three easy steps and done

By following these next three easy steps, you will be able to get back all your lost data:

  • First, you will have to select the mode.
  • Then scan the system.
  • When the scan result comes up, preview the files and then recover those items.

Here the software provides you the option of previewing the files and you will get the data displayed with their names and file structures. You will also get to see the images, emails or the text files too, but only if they are not damaged or overwritten.

This software is compatible with Windows 8 and the most interesting thing is that you can easily stop the scanning whenever you want or you can save the full scan report for future use. That is the reason people will definitely give it a try, because it is not complicated.