According to a recent study, tablet shopping is on the rise. As shown in the chart above, 65% of tablet users report shopping on their devices at least 2-3 monthly (going up to twice a week). This growth is promising for retail marketers wishing to capitalize on this trend.

Tablet shoppers are generally a wealthier, more educated population. According to a study that Mashable published in November of last year, 20% of mobile ecommerce sales come from tablets. In addition, 60% of tablet owners had used their device to make a purchase. So it is safe to say that this on-the-go audience is ready and willing to spend money on goods they find on their iPads and other devices.

via mashable

So what can retail marketers do to capitalize on this trend? Well, 56% of tablet owners report that they have downloaded a shopping app. Branded shopping applications are a great way to get your audience coming back to your site time and time again–especially if you have competitive pricing. Mobile commerce is expected to grow to a cool 31 billion dollars by 2016, which means growth potential is still ample (keep in mind that large number is still only 7% of all commerce), whether it is an app or just generating a great mobile commerce site.