The world’s first crypto coin which is dedicated to tipping on social media. Have you ever wanted to give a little “thank you” to all the people helping you on twitter? Or the fans following and retweeting your tweets?

We are all familiar with the following situation; you’re planning a trip with your fiancé for the coming weekend, you want to know which is the best Italian restaurant to go. Since you believe in the power of the crowd, you tweet and ask your followers “What is the best Italian restaurant to go to?”. And what happens almost immediately? Dora tweets a suggestion for you, describing the delicious salmon pizza she just had at Marco’s Trattoria, which is to die for.

Since you are a person that values such quick, qualified, and personal responses, you ask yourself;

“How can I quickly repay a follower for helping me?”

This is where Reddcoin comes in. Just imagine with a simple tweet like:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 4.01.08 pm

You can now tip your follower, Dora, with real money for helping you out! So I am sure you have some questions in mind, like what is 2000 RDD worth? 2000 RDD currently has a value of  approximately 10 cents USD, which is subject to change over time.

  • What is Reddcoin ?

Reddcoin  is a crypto currency like Bitcoin. Reddcoin varies as it is dedicated to tipping on social networks as opposed to paying for goods and services online like Bitcoin. The founders of Reddcoin believe tipping via social media is the way to introduce the concept of crypto currency to the general public.

  • How do I  get started and get my first Reddcoins?

First, download your wallet to manage your Reddcoins, once downloaded, your wallet is unique to your computer (Windows, Linux and Mac are all supported). To get your wallet started you can get some Reddcoins by mining them with your computer, this utilizes its GPU. The method I use for obtaining Reddcoin is from exchanging with other members. I got my first Reddcoins by joining the Reddcoin Community, someone donated them to help me get started.

  • How to tip people with Reddcoins on Twitter?

To be able to tip people with Reddcoins on Twitter you need to follow the Reddcoin Twitter bot and load your Reddcoin wallet with some coins. You can find  the perfect guide and a “How2” on Reddcoins main website, which explains all the details and possibilities.

Overall, I must say  the concept of tipping people that are helping me or retweeting my blog-posts is outstanding. Tipping is a great way to show your respect and sincere thanks for their favor. I agree with the ideals of Reddcoin as a crypto currency as it allows an easy and reliable way to send money between friends and followers alike.