Reasons Managed Service Providers Outsource IT Lead Generation (Featured Image)

Every seasoned business or enterprise knows that if they want to survive in this dog-eat-dog world of business, they need to have a dynamic lead generation strategy. Every marketing expert can never stress the importance of lead generation more – zero lead generation effort means death, no matter how much capital investment you’ll pump into the business.

As much as having a consistent and dynamic lead generation is essential, the team that will handle that is very critical. After all, they are the ones who will create the strategy and make it into a reality.

If you are an MSP, the first thing you’ll do, most probably, is create an in-house lead generation team. That makes sense since an in-house team knows the ins and outs of your business. However, that move has the power to make or break your company.

If the people who handle your lead generation are inexperienced, you are propping yourself to failure. Simply put, lead generation should never be a hit or miss, trial and error kind of thing.

On the one hand, if you have an experienced team, they would know what to do. But before you proceed, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do we have the technology to back our lead generation strategy?
  • Have you established and implemented best practices?
  • What’s the level of specialization of your team?

Let’s take a closer look at why these three questions are very critical to your lead generation effort.


Here’s a metaphor – your in-house team might be experienced whitewater rafters, but the boat and equipment they have might have seen good times. Treading the rapids using that equipment can spell disaster.

You’d say, “What if we have the funds to buy the latest and best technology to tread these waters?”

That’s great. You also know that before you can use the equipment, you need to train your team to use it, and that requires time. By the time your team becomes familiar with their equipment, the other competitors have reached the finish line.

Here’s another reality – technology nowadays is fast and dynamic. You have to be quick enough to adapt to these constant changes, or you’ll find yourself lagging again.

Best Practices

As a managed service provider, you meet various clients from different industries. If you haven’t implemented and established best practices in your lead generation strategy, your team will end up confused, like a blind man groping a lifeline in the dark. Again, setting up these standards takes time, and that means another step behind your competition.


You have the best team but let’s get real once again – how do they fare against the competition? You might be able to build their confidence and morale with a pep talk, but you know that no matter how confident they are, it will be no match against a confident and more skilled team.

More so, it’s a given that the primary purpose of an in-house marketing team is tied to your business operation. Meaning, your lead generation campaign will only take up as much time as the other things the marketing team is handling at the moment.

Outsourcing: An MSP’s Best Lead Generation Alternative

Letting your in-house marketing team handle your lead generation effort might be the logical step to do. However, it is another skillset they need to learn, and training your team requires time and money. That could incur a significant loss for your business because your in-house team has more important and pressing matters to attend to.

On the other hand, outsourcing your lead generation ensures that your in-house marketing team does what they do best without any obstacles. Here are other reasons why an MSP benefits more when they outsource their lead generation:

Seamless Adjustment

If the best practices are already in place and the best technology in the field is available, you can get things done within a short amount of time using the less amount of money. Your marketing team also does not need to make a drastic adjustment to cater to your lead generation effort. Instead, the outsourced agency will implement everything and meet any of your needs that may arise.

Different Perspective

An in-house team might know what’s going around, but sometimes too much “inside the box” perspective can kill creative solutions. An outsourced agency can bring new solutions that you might not have thought about. By giving an alternative solution, you provide a more effective and efficient service.

To Wrap It All Up

Asking for outside help is not wrong, especially if it’s from the experts. It could even bring more significant benefit when you are targeting a new location or a bigger market. More so, these outsourced agencies have access to an extensive network of businesses which could become your prospective clients.