Internet of things provides an interface to devices to get electronically connected with the world. The world gets connected as long as the data is flowing and reused for aggregation of various purposes. In the forthcoming era, it will adhere to the basic challenge and opportunities. This will further enhance via consolidation of technologies with the likes of cloud computing, wireless technology, sensors and low power processors. The impact of IoT will be more profound in the consumer products consisting of embedded intelligence. As the speculation runs high, it is being assumed that IoT will bring a million of cumulative changes in the forthcoming era. According to the researchers, the IoT technology is being expected to be deployed in the following sectors:

Environmental Concerns: Managing earth’s natural resource is an alarming issue and multifaceted solutions are required in order to protect the environment. IoT devices in the coming era are expected to monitor several environmental issues, by collecting overall details including air quality and trash.

  • Trash cans: There is an opportunity for mobile app developers to develop an application that may alert cleanliness crews when the can is full. Such apps will be very useful throughout the cities across college campuses, beach and parks.

  • Forests: In the coming era, there could be development of an application that may be placed in a tree in order to prevent it from illegal logging. It will be able to inform higher authorities whenever any illegitimate deforestation activities will be detected.

Health: Prevention, Screening and Diagnosis:

  • Baby and elderly monitors: There can be several automated devices that are going to monitor body temperature, motion and breathing patterns of baby and elderly people. There are certain apps that can be used by near ones in order to view the overall body functioning of baby and elderly in real time.

  • Handwashing station: According to the researchers in US medical ailment centers, it has been observed that nowadays people are suffering from hand infection problems. Thus there can be a handwasher reminding app which will thwart disease from spreading within hospitals. This can be useful at handwashing station as well as at patient’s bedside.

Rejuvenating Agriculture: In order to increase higher productivity and reduce waste, IoT will cater to creating farms with artificial intelligence so that they may be able to monitor each and every farming process. This will thereby enable data driven solutions by granting consumers to track production from the estate to fork in order to ensure food safety.

  • Irrigation Systems: There can be an app that can minimize water waste via assembling of data from a network of wireless sensors on the soil content and other atmospheric factors. This will enable consumer with an appropriate method of smart irrigation system by saving energy, water and money.

  • Grain Bins: Further with the increase in level of contents in bins and tanks, there can be a device which will be used electronically to measure the level of store grain and other foodstuffs. This will be very useful for the farmers as it will enable them to easily monitor the temperature of grain bins. It will also help to mitigate safety risk.

Energy Consumption:

  • Smart meters: IoT technology will call for an app that can provide granular details regarding electricity usage to the customers. Rather than sending someone to particularly read the meter, this will cater electricity usage information automatically.

  • Wind Turbines: Further wind turbine will make use of sensors in order to function more efficiently, thereby resulting in an increased electricity production. This will enable turbines to run in a proper manner in a variable wind situation. As speculation runs high, this phenomenon will become significantly crucial to the US market.

Public Safety:

  • Building: There have been certain apps as accelerometer and real time data analyser that are used to track architectural health of buildings that are prone to earthquake. Thus the users foresee more launches to take place.

  • Vehicles: There have been a rise of application in the field of automation industry as the technology grows. There are certain apps that automatically alert responders after detecting a crash and even depicts accurate location and direction of the vehicle.


  • Roads: Apps can play a major role in measuring temperature, humidity and traffic volume with the help of compact and wireless sensors. This would minimize risk of accidents will enable road crews to give priority to road maintenance during rough weather condition.

  • Parking: There are several embedded features as parking sensors in the car that allows consumers to get the real time info about the space occupied in the parking area. A mobile app which will illustrate driver regarding available parking space would be beneficial as it will reside within the car navigation system.

According to various technology evangelists, Internet of Things will serve best methods in the field of health care, environment, agricultural, public safety and transportation sector thereby catering best enterprise mobility solutions. There will be a launch of the devices that will address real world problems and will cater businesses to attain maximum benefits facilitated by these technologies.