Razer is a high-end gaming technology company mostly known for their gaming peripherals and wearable accessories. At CES 2015 they have unveiled their latest product, the Razer Forge TV.

The Razer Forge TV is an Android-powered micro-gaming console that aims at bringing the pc gaming experience to the living room. The console will be available during the first quarter of 2015 and will be selling for $100.

Alongside the Forge TV, Razer also presented a series of Bluetooth based products, which include the Serval gaming controller (designed by the same team that produced the Sabertooth XBox controller) and the Turret keyboard, a stylish gaming keyboard designed to fit on your lap, with magnetized mouse. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan also introduced the Nabu X, a smartband selling for as little as $20 and a new open source virtual reality initiative (and headset) in partnership with several other hardware makers.

The Razer Forge TV includes all the features you would expect from a console targeted to serious gamers. It is designed to support up to four simultaneous players, it features a quad-core 2.4 Ghz per core processor, a high-end graphics engine, wireless connectivity, 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM.

The console not only expects to bring the PC gaming experience to the living room, but also intends to turn into an all-purpose entertainment hub. It allow users to stream music, pictures, videos and supported apps to their televisions and you would be able to control the console using any iOS, Android, ChromeBook, and Windows device. Users will even be able to send their Razer Forge TV content back to their Android devices through cloud save.

Although there are already a myriad of different solutions for users who want to stream their PC gaming experience to the TV, Min-Liang Tan expects Razer to fill in the gaps in the current market. With a price at a fraction of the obvious competitor, the Steam console (selling at $500) the Forge could turn out into an attractive alternative.

“The greatest barriers to entry for new technology are price and complexity, and we’ve eliminated both of those” Tan says.

Forge TV Details:

Price: $99.99 / €99.99 (via Razer’s online store)

$149.99 / €149.99 for the Forge TV and Serval Controller bundle