What Are the Best Packages?

Rapid Deployment Packages: Proof That The Best Things Come In Smart PackagesAn old proverb reads, “good things come in small packages.” How about the best things come in smart packages?

Packages are generally delivered in carefully packed containers full of everything needed to achieve one specific goal. Packages usually provide a slew of items related to an overarching theme, and every piece contributes something useful to the sum of the whole.

So what are some of the best types of packages?

Take for example, the Care Package? The concept of a care package, was originally coined by the humanitarian organization, CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) who distributed aid via packages. The concept has since evolved, but care packages remain symbols of relief and/or comfort and are sent to college students, soldiers, travelers, or friends and relatives who may be just outside of physical reach.

Think back to those college days when there would be a ticket in your small college mailbox that would indicate there was a package waiting to be picked up. Once the package was retrieved and opened, inside you could find a carefully chosen selection of products, food, supplies, and/or trinkets sent from someone who cared. Those items would serve as gentle reminders of home, and those things would make you happier, provide comfort, and let you know someone was thinking of you.

What about a Vacation Package? Vacation packages are compiled by the traveler or a travel agent and consist of everything needed to embark on a successful journey to an exotic (or maybe not so exotic) location of choice. Vacation packages include travel arrangements, lodging details, discounts, and suggestions for things to do that help you and your fellow vacationers experience a better vacation.

The package often includes the name and contact information of agents who are readily available to assist with any unanticipated travel glitches that may cross your path. Without the complete package, traveling could turn into a headache and that vacation you’ve been dreaming about for months, turns into a weeklong migraine void of fun, exploration, and/or relaxation.

Rapid Deployment Packages for Your IT Needs

And how about a Software Package? Software packages allow businesses to solve their immediate IT needs quickly and affordably. Take SAP’s rapid-deployment solution packages as an example. SAP rapid-deployment solutions are perfectly packaged with software, content, enablement, and services – thus providing your business with the functionality it needs at a predetermined cost and timeline.

So within these rapid-deployment packages, the software is modular and preconfigured, addressing your most urgent business needs. The content is proven business value through best practices, implementations accelerators and tools – these best practices were developed from more than 238,000 SAP customer implementations. The enablement helps ensure accelerated solution adoption through guides and educational materials. And the services are clearly scoped and priced, providing project clarity thus allowing for maximum predictability and lowering risk.

These packaged items help guarantee a smooth implementation. And after your first rapid-deployment implementation, you can easily expand and add new packages as your business needs them.

So yes, good things may come in small packages, but a great ERP system comes in a smart package.