The Internet has proven to be one of the most essential parts of our lives in recent years, developing into something we can’t imagine living without. However, it also presents us with a series of risks that we need to prevent from causing potentially disastrous results for our businesses.

Online thefts are becoming as common as the more “traditional” thefts, with people now more clued up than ever before on how to bypass the protection in place on computers and gaining access to important, personal files and stealing data or money without us even knowing.

Don’t save your password

If you’re working on a computer that several people have access to, make sure that you completely log out and don’t save any of your passwords or login details. Sometimes you can be doing something as simple as checking your emails and you just close the website and walk away. This doesn’t mean you haven’t signed out and the next user may be able to instantly gain access to your account.

This is one simple form of stealing personal data, but anyone serious about hacking into your online bank account, maybe your shopping accounts, will be clued up enough to have ways of getting around even what are perceived to be the best security packages available. By changing your password regularly, you can stop your code from being guessed and almost encrypting it will make it even harder. For example, you should include a mixture of upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters like underscores or full stops.

Install sufficient security systems

Just about all of the major security packages for 2013 are now on the market, and all offer a variety of features that try and make their own different to the quite saturated market that makes it difficult for businesses and the wider community to choose the one that suits them best – so much so they often just go for the cheapest!

As a business owner it’s vital that you choose a security system that caters to your needs and doesn’t break the bank at the same time. When you’re looking for persistent threat protection to prevent attacks from malware and other harmful programmes aimed at hacking into systems and stealing data. For a business, the most vital asset you have is your data and your client details, without them you would be nothing, so find the best package for your budget and the one that covers everything you need – not just the shiniest, newest or most expensive to impress the board.