You have probably heard of this technology by now. Progressive web apps are considered the future of entire mankind. Progressive web apps can be used to give the mobile web the extra push it requires in the digital market. This technology can bring in consistency between the web and the native apps thereby, giving your business the opportunity to target the mass market in a whole.

The progressive web app technology has many benefits but the biggest benefit of all is that it has the power to replace almost all functions of the conventional apps and websites. In this article, we are going to discuss progressive web apps in greater detail.

What’s a Progressive Web App?

Progressive web apps are an advanced form of technology that can deliver app-like experience on a mobile device through the direct reach of the web. Meaning, the user won’t have to install an app of the same service on his/her individual mobile device; yet experience the rich app-like experience directly on the web service.

In simpler words, it can be said that progressive web apps are basically an enhancement of the existing web technology. They don’t require a separate distribution path to reach the customers.

PWAs are fast, reliable and offer an absolute seamless user experience that is extremely engaging at the same time.

Progressive web apps take the advantage of web ecosystem to make it convenient and easy for one to maintain personal or business websites.

The Characteristics of a PWA

PWAs usually have the following characteristics:

  • Progressive

Like the name suggests, a PWA must function on any device be it a smartphone or a tab and enhance itself progressively by taking advantage of any feature available on the device as well as the browser.

  • Fast

As per Google developers, about 53% of users abandon a specific website if it takes more than 3 secs to load. The PWA solves this problem to a certain extent. PWAs are fast and can work smoothly every time a user interacts with a website.

  • Discoverable

Since progressive web app’s basically a website, it should definitely be discoverable in search engine searches. This is definitely a major advantage over conventional apps that still lag behind websites in terms of searchability.

  • Linkable

Progressive web apps should be capable of using their URI to indicate the present state of the application.

  • Responsive

A PWA’s user interface must fit the form factor of a device and its screen size.

  • Connectivity-independent

The progressive web apps should work in areas having low connectivity.

  • Re-engageable

App users usually reuse their apps from time to time and progressive web apps achieve the same task through several features such as push notifications.

  • Easily installable

A PWA can be easily installed on a device making it easily accessible.

  • Safe

Progressive web apps can be hosted over secured HTTPS connections to prevent snooping attacks.

  • App-like

This goes without saying that progressive web apps must look like conventional app and should be built on app shell model having minimal page refreshes.

Why should you go for Progressive Web Apps?

PWAs are easier to create and to cater to the audience in the mass market.

From the point of view of maintenance, you’ll truly appreciate the fact as to how users access the progressive web apps. You will be able to solve all the major concerns of your mass market with powerful solutions.

Connectivity independent

PWAs support this exceptional feature. Using service workers allow the app to work even in the absence of internet connection.

Some apps can be partially cached: The UI is cached and is available offline. But the dynamic content still needs a server access.

But some of these apps can be entirely cached which makes them completely functional in an offline mode. That’s truly an extraordinary feature indeed.

What are the benefits of progressive web apps?

The main benefits of PWAs are:

  • It can work in an offline mode.
  • The experience feels like an app but it’s basically the web.
  • Tremendous improvement in website performance.
  • Fast installation on devices.
  • Supports push notifications features.
  • No submission on the app store.

By providing such a user-friendly UI to customers, businesses can surely benefit by driving in more potential customers to their websites.


So can it really revolutionize your business growth? Absolutely, it can!