If your business offers software technology solutions, it is highly likely that, focused on promoting the product features, your website takes a user directly to a page where they can download a demo or a trial of your product, thus putting an untimely end to the web user journey for 95% of your users. If this situation was to be translated into a dating dialogue, it would be something like this:

– Hi, we have never met before.

– But I would like you to demo my product.

Does this sound familiar? If so, then your online offering must suffer from what we call “premature demonstration disorder”, a condition more common among software technology companies than you may think.

What are the symptoms?

You can tell a business has it when their website drives users straight to a software demo or trial without offering content that addresses the issues users face at each stage of the customer journey.

What is the underlying cause?

Many technology businesses are still centred on promoting their product features rather than providing a rich and tailored customer journey.

What is the prognosis?

As a result of jumping the gun by prematurely demonstrating their software and asking unqualified users to download it, software technology businesses risk losing lead conversion opportunities, as well as the chance of further nurturing prospective clients through the sales funnel.

What is the cure?

Software companies that offer a demo or trial need to make sure that they are giving prospects valuable insights on their way to a decision to try out the company’s product.

They can do this by making sure they are there at the start of their users’ journey when users are researching on the issues that affect them. They can then be part of the journey towards their product by mapping insightful content to each step of the user’s way. Finally, they can convert users into customers more effectively by analysing and responding to each, based on their actions.

For more information about how you can cure this condition, download our software technology guide.