Sony can’t seem to catch a break lately. Since Christmas, Sony’s PlayStation Network has been having constant troubles, and thousands, if not millions of fans aren’t too thrilled. There have been attempts at fixing the online service, and even though there have been some improvements, with the store showing signs of life and some gamers being able to play, for the most many players are still unable to connect, or stay connected.

Sony’s PlayStation network openly states the PSN status is at “Intermittent Connectivity.” The site lists options for troubleshooting the error, such as changing your MTU settings, and lists ways to reset your internet connection. Sony then says that users can take further action by contacting their ISP or router manufacturer directly regarding “packet fragmentation”.

There’s even a new forum where PSN users can chime in with their issues:

These problems are all in the wake of the Holiday issues seen by both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network. It all started Christmas morning when hackers attacked both the XBL and PSN, ending with millions of users being unable to use their new Xbox Ones or PlayStation 4s that day. The hacker group “Lizard Squad” claimed responsibility for the attacks, by stating that they’re responsible for the “distributed denial of service” attacks, or DDoS. No proof has been shown to link the group to the attacks.

To compensate for these attacks and the network downtime, developers are extending holiday events as many players were unable to participate due to the events. Bungie announced that Xur, Agent of the Nine will remain active in the tower until the 29th at 10 PM. They also stated that they will be watching the overall situation and may prolong the event if needed. Rockstar also decided to extend their Grand Theft Auto Online Festive Surprise Christmas event.

Sony will be keeping users up to speed over the next few days with any updates to the PlayStation Network.

Image Credit: Wlodi