Free Publicity Tip 8--Pitch technology stories

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Even if you don’t consider yourself knowledgeable about technology, pitch technology-related publicity ideas you can use to promote yourself or your business.


1. Technology problems you can’t solve.

Is there a problem with your camera, computer, office equipment, mobile phone, landline, tablet or something else you’re struggling with? Don’t be shy about discussing it in traditional or social media. I often post questions on Twitter and Quora and get instant responses. I then pass along the answers to my own followers and, often, they’re grateful.

2. Technology problems you’ve learned how to solve.

Pass along tips, even if they seem like no-brainers. I think I was the last person on earth to hear about what to do with a cellphone after it falls into water: bury it in a bowl of white rice for three days. (Still didn’t work. I bought a new iPhone.)

Solutions to common technology problems make great fodder for news stories and guest blog posts. Consider a step-by-step video, or a list of frequently asked questions and answers, or a series of videos, or a slideshow.

3. How you use technology in your business.

What apps do you use to make it easier to travel, market, research, sell, get organized, or stay on top of topics in your industry? Apps are hot news. And if you’ve created your own, it could be a door-opener for publicity.

4. “Best of” technology tips.

Share your favorite blogs, newsletters, magazines, columnists and websites where you learn technology tips related to a certain topic. Authors, for example, can share their favorite resources on how to create and market ebooks.

5. Share social media tips and success stories.

Have you created your own LinkedIn group that’s actually resulted in sales? Have you used a Facebook poll to survey your fans about what they need from you, and used the results to create products and services to sell to them? Are you pinning photos on Pinterest that bring traffic to your website?

Lots of bloggers and journalists are writing about social media success stories. Offer to be a source.

6. Mine for technology ideas. has a helpful round-up of technology resources where journalists can find ideas for stories. There’s no reason why you can’t use the Mining for Tech Ideas list, too.

What technology ideas can you add to the list?