Mobile internet customers have increased 500% more than last year. Some about forty four percent (44%) of total online shopping merchants are investing in incorporating mobile apps for their mobile-based online visitors. A big change is going to come in the world of technology. Business organizations are struggling hard to keep their websites available on all mobile devices with uniform look and feel regardless of operating systems. Joomla is emerging as the better solution in this scenario. You can convert your web design from PSD to Joomla. It will help you in facing the challenges of revolutionary mobile internet era. 

psd to joomla

There are three different options to enter in the world of mobile internet with Joomla. 

Separate URL’s for Mobile Customers 

It is the widely used process of catering mobile internet customers. One can use a sub domain to cater ones online customers. Some top online brands like Google and Facebook are also using sub domains with ‘m’ initial like or You can use a mobile version of your Joomla site by installing few components. An average mobile user waits for some about four seconds for contents to download in their devices. Use of separate sub domain increases the site loading speed by 100 to 400%. 

Mobile Joomla

Mobile Joomla is an innovative component of Joomla that help mobile internet surfers in browsing Joomla sites in a hassle free manner. It can help you to switch from desktop to mobile version. It is known for its simple and stable operations. This extension is capable enough in detection of user’s device by using methods like WURFL. You can keep your website layout flexible for multiple devices. It is suitable for all mobile devices regardless of operating systems. 

Responsive Design

It is the newest trend of web arena. Business organizations are in process of making their websites responsive. It is a suitable solution for facing the challenges of mobile internet revolution. Responsive websites detect viewing environment (mobile device) and deliver suitable graphics for comfortable browsing experience. It normally reacts to mainly four kinds of screens such as desktop monitor, laptop monitor, tablet, and mobile phone. Such design use @media queries for identification purpose of mobile device.

Joooid -Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are also in function. You can create native apps for your site. However, you need to create separate apps for each operating system like android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows.

Joooid is a free extension for creating mobile app of a Joomla site. You get this extension from web. With this app, you can create and edit articles, make changes in the formatting of articles and define a schedule. It creates your content with WYSIWYG, html markup, and links. You can publish images in your site by accessing image gallery of your device. In addition, you can also add YouTube videos. Further, you can geo tag articles, mention your current location by using GPS and set map coordinates with handy map picker.

In short, you can easily face the challenges of mobile internet era with your Joomla site.