I’ve been testing OptinMonster and getting ready to roll it out on a few sites so I thought it was about time I let you know about my experience so far in this OptinMonster review.

OptinMonster is a killer plugin from Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner.com and Thomas Griffin, creator of the Soliloquy slider plugin for WordPress. These are two people that really know there stuff when it comes to WordPress.

This plugin boasts some impressive features that are incredibly unique along with the usual features you’d expect in a mailing list plugin.

Now the question is – is it worth investing in OptinMonster? And will it be a game changer?

Read on to find out or to skip the review head directly to the OptinMonster website to learn more.

What makes OptinMonster different to other list building plugins?

I am continuously on the lookout for mailing list plugins that have incredibly unique features that other plugins just don’t have, OptinMonster is one of those plugins that keeps things simple but adds some killer features that other WordPress list building plugins just don’t have. Aside from OptinMonster’s other powerful features, the following immediately jumps out:

Exit intent

Exit intent is the first feature that immediately jumped out at me – right away I could see that this would be a huge gamer changer because it’s something that other plugins just don’t have.

As comprehensive and as powerful as other mailing list plugins are, there’s no escaping the fact that this is just awesome.

So the first thing to remember is that the majority of visitors that land on your website will NEVER return – in fact this figure is over 70%.

The Exit intent feature means that OptinMonster will keep track of where a visitors mouse pointer is and also the speed that it’s moving at as they check out your website – this allows OptinMonster to display an opt-in form just before the visitor is about to leave.

Instead of a visitor leaving and never returning, it means you’ll potentially get a subscriber which could turn into a customer further on down the line.

This is seriously powerful and when you combine this feature with some of the other powerful features OptinMonster has, such as page, post type & category level targeting you’ll see that this is an opportunity to invest in your mailing list and get serious results.

Modular configuration

There are so many WordPress plugins on the market, some seriously comprehensive plugins that are more akin to Swiss army knives – they do everything but, do you really use all of the features of those plugins?

In most cases it’s a no.

That means that your web server’s resources are being wasted on features that aren’t being used.

OptinMonster is different.

OptinMonster has a modular setup so that you only install the components that you need – this allows you to minimise impact on your server so your server won’t be slowed down.

Your site will load faster for your visitors which means your visitors will have a better experience and Google will give you some love too (yes, loading speed is a quality signal that is incorporated into Google’s algorithm).

On top of this feature, OptinMonster is designed entirely with loading times in mind and is regularly used on high traffic sites such as WPBeginner.com and RazorSocial.com.

What other features does OptinMonster have?

On top of the modular configuration and exit intent features, OptinMonster comes fully loaded with the following features:

  • A clean and easy to use interface
  • Easy to use A/B split testing feature
  • Multiple opt-in types
  • WYSIWYG ‘What you see is what you get’ design editor
  • Easy to use analytics
  • Exportable reports
  • Targeted campaigns – target individual pages, categories or even post types
  • Supports popular mailing list providers (Aweber, GetResponse, MadMimi, Mail Chimp, InfusionSoft and more)

This means that OptinMonster:

  • Is easy to use
  • Gives actionable insights
  • Allows you to optimize your opt-in forms for maximum conversions
  • Create highly targeted campaigns giving you a funnel for extremely warm leads
  • Opt-in types that can be customised to suit your site

This adds up to a powerful plugin that WILL get YOU results – more subscribers on your list and more money in the bank.

What type of opt-in forms are supported?

Right now OptinMonster supports 3 powerful and high converting types of opt-in forms:

  • Lightbox Pop over
  • Floating footer bar
  • Slick slide-in

Occasionally I see people talk specifically about pop over opt-in forms and believe that they are annoying but the fact remains that pop overs are still the highest converting type of opt-in form.

Incredibly successful blogs use popovers, e.g. Social Media Examiner and Quicksprout, why do they use them? Because they work and get results.

Besides, if 70%+ of your websites visitors aren’t going to return then it’s worth doing.

That and you don’t have to have these enabled on all pages, you can target them to specific categories, pages and post types to get the best results.

You can also make them less intrusive by setting a cookie so that regular visitors won’t get hit by these every time they visit your site. That coupled with the countdown timer that allows you to specify the time the user is on the page before the popover appears and the 2nd page view setting means you can get great results without hammering people for their email address.

Want more opt-in types?

Don’t worry because more awesome stuff on its way soon…

While lightbox pop over, floating footer and slide-in’s are the opt-in form types that are currently available; side-slide and full page overlay are coming soon. Syed has also informed me that there should be an option for an opt-in form that can be added to widgetized sidebars.

What about templates?

You’ll notice that there aren’t an insane amount of templates available like there are with some other plugins and in a way I actually think that can be a good thing.

This allows you to avoid the ‘Paradox of choice’ – with some plugins I struggle to come to a decision as to which templates to actually use.

OptinMonster Review - Choose Popover Theme

The lightbox popup comes with 4 high impact designs that are all highly customisable – there’s no code to edit, just a straight forward design customizing system that will allow you to get your opt-in form looking awesome in minutes.

How easy is the OptinMonster plugin to setup and use?

Uploading the plugin can be done from within WordPress or via FTP if you like to do things that way, now I’ll take you on a quick tour of just how easy it is to create an awesome & high converting opt-in form:

Step 1 – Choose your opt-in type:

Select Opt-in Type

Step 2 – Configure your opt-in settings and integrate with your mailing list provider:

Configure Your Optin Settings

Integration’s with mailing list services will be displayed on the ‘Integration’s’ tab – making them easy to manage.

Integrate With Your Mailing List Provider

Step 3 – Pick a theme and customise:

Design Customizer

Step 4 – Customize your output settings and decide how you want to target your opt-in forms:

Output Settings

Step 5 – Setup A/B split testing:

This step is optional but it’s well worth doing because you will be able to get your opt-in form conversions super high.

You don’t have to change anything major, as Neil Patel has mentioned in the past; he managed to increase conversions on his contact form by over 20% just by changing the text on the forms submit button.

A/B Split Testing Made Easy

Measure and refine:

By checking out the ‘reporting’ tab you can measure your results and monitor how your split tests are running. The export option is a nice touch too.

Analytics Reporting


It’s still early days yet for OptinMonster in comparison to the other big players in the market but they have come out swinging and have some awesome updates lined up that will make this WordPress plugin even better.

The OptinMonster plugin has been a joy to review – the interface is clean and easy to use, the code is light weight and the modular approach means it won’t hog server resources.

The 4 lightbox popover templates are clean but grab readers attention – you have just the right level of customization. Even a ‘graphically impaired’ individual such as myself won’t have any issues. And the other opt-in types are simple and effective.

I’m just blown away by just how simple and intuitive this plugin is. I went from installation to creating an awesome opt-in form and setting up a split test in under 10 minutes.

Syed and Thomas have done an amazing job here and my thanks go out to them for creating a plugin that I really believe can be a game changer for anyone that is wanting more email subscribers.

So I’ll ask you the question, do you want more email subscribers?

Learn more about the OptinMonster plugin here.

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