MaxHire and Sendouts are among the top-rated online applicant tracking systems (ATSs) that automate the hiring process for recruiters.

How do they compare?

Both MaxHire and Sendouts enable HR workers to pull candidates’ resumes from job sites and other sources, parse and search resumes, and track candidates’ online activities. They both include workflow for structuring the data gathering, calendaring, interviewing, and hiring process.

Both tools integrate sales, recruiting, and marketing functions and provide their own proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system as part of their package.

Pricewise, they both start at $99 per user. Both integrate with assorted third-party applications and both are customizable. Both provide e-mail and phone support.

Although the programs are similar in many respects, their particular tools and capabilities vary, as do the add-ons and third-party products to which they link. For example, while both provide communication capabilities via e-mail, mobile devices, and texting, Sendouts has voice over IP (VoIP) integration, while MaxHire lacks this function.

Their mobile capabilities also differ. MaxHire’s mobile support is a portal for applicants to apply for jobs, while Sendouts enables recruiters to access its database of candidates via mobile devices.

The programs also provide different sets of tools to make it easier for recruiters to access and visualize information. Sendouts offers a Dashboard and Mini Profiles to enable workers to assess candidates, campaigns, and other factors at a glance rather than accessing and scrolling through many sites and records. A Recon tool is offered as an add-on to target and score candidates.

MaxHire provides dashboards and assessment tools aimed at monitoring and refining the recruitment, sales, and marketing processes, including key-performance metrics.

With social media becoming more integral to the recruiting process, the vendors have incorporated social functions into their products. Two new social features Sendouts has added are a Social Bar that provides access to candidates’ social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google from their Sendout profiles, and a Social Share feature that enables recruiters to post job opportunities to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

MaxHire provides one-click access to candidates’ social network profiles, linking profiles on more than 45 social networks to each person in its database. It also provides built-in LinkedIn searching to search and import LinkedIn profiles without leaving the program.

Among the new features Sendouts has introduced are integration with voice-mail systems (VMSs), a business rules engine, a custom reporting engine, and a new API (application programming interface) for custom integration.

In response to a survey, MaxHire and Sendouts each had a strong showing of user advocates that professed to be highly satisfied with the setup, support, customization, and overall functionality of the programs. These responses jibe with those of users on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

Bottom Line: It’s good to have these kinds of choices—two strong programs with similar prices. There are differences, so you should evaluate each program to determine which features, functionality, and user interface best meet your particular needs.