It’s very hard to find somebody in today’s society who can’t be found with a smart phone in their pocket, a laptop, or a flat screen television. We love our gadgets and can’t live without them. We strive for the latest offering the tech world can provide, and when it is as affordable and dependable as it is, then it is no surprise our love of gadgets has gone from strength to strength.

Whether your smart phone helps you run your business with the vast availability of business apps and easy email and social media access, or whether it is for personal use to help you stay connected to family and friends no matter where they are in the world, we can’t live without it.

Smart phones generally last approximately a year to 18 months until we upgrade to the next model. Our other gadgets tend to last longer, but with the general warranty of a year offered with our gadgets and the likelihood they will break the day the after the warranty runs out, it’s not long until we are buying replacements.

Most of us are quick to stow away these defective gadgets, old phones become hidden in a drawer, and our larger gadgets usually take a trip to the tip. These gadgets are quickly depleting our earth’s resources with the rapid rate at which they are produced and our recycling efforts being so minimal within this industry. Not many of us consider recycling our unwanted old gadgets, however not only are there financial rewards in some cases, but it also helps us make steps to replace what we use, meaning we think ahead to the future.

There are numerous websites which will buy your old mobile phone from you, while some phones are worth more than others, not only are you earning some easy money recycling it, but you are helping the planet. There are some websites which operate in the same way for larger tech items such as laptops and computers, but it is also possible to list them on ebay for parts, again you are recycling the unwanted while earning. It’s time to reduce the impact our tech is having upon the earth and recycle. have developed an infographic to show how exactly our addiction to technology is costing the earths resources…