Oculus Rift has arguably the biggest hype at this years Consumers Electronics Show, but does it live up to it?

Yes. And then some.

Oculus Rift is, for the first time publicly, showing the Crescent Bay prototype. We were curious to say the least. We headed over immediately as the doors opened, only to find a line had already formed. We knew it would only get longer, so we decided to get in the line. 15 minutes later and I was led upstairs, and into a room built for one person at a time. She closed the door behind me, strapped on my headset and headphones, and told me to enjoy.

I was immediately whisked away into the most immersive virtual reality experience I could possibly imagine. Several different scenarios passed before my eyes, from a full sized T-Rex walking over me, to an alien on the moon, to a tiny city with a mind blowing amount of detail. I was placed inside a spaceship and on a field with animals; all with the ability to look around in full 360°.

My mind was blown, I was sold. I thought it was over. I was wrong. This was all leading up to the ultimate demonstration of all the cutting edge technology available.

I was suddenly on a street in a city. Rubble and fire and bullets flying everywhere. Soldiers diving in every direction, all in slow motion. My character slowly moved forward through the action, allowing me to look around and let every single tiny detail really soak in. I looked right in the face on a soldier, and I saw my reflection in his goggles. A gigantic killer robot shooting missiles everywhere, it hits a car and it explodes, glass flying towards me, the car in mid air, about to land on my head, then cut to black. Demo over.

I walked around Oculus Rift daze for a few minutes, unable to focus on anything else.

I want one.

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