To many people, 500 gigabytes of internal memory is a lot. It means that you can store countless games, movies, music, apps, and more, and have room to spare. Die-hard gamers quickly realize that 500 gigs isn’t that much actually, especially with most games requiring installation, downloads, and patches. Nyco announced a new way to expand PS4 memory today at CES 2015 – the Data Bank.

To clear up any confusion, the Data Bank isn’t storage itself, rather it’s a dock to expand PS4 memory. Users replace the top of their console with the Data Bank alongside the 2.5″ hard drive, so it can provide compatibility with 3.5″ hard drives to give another channel for internal memory.

During CES 2015, Nyko stated “The solution eliminates the need for an external hard drive, which currently cannot support game installs or save data. This also allows for larger storage, faster running speeds and less expensive prices found with 3.5” hard drives. The design of the replacement dock lid seamlessly matches the minimalist design of the PS4. Once a 3.5” drive is slid into the Data Bank, a built-in LED strip illuminates while the console is accessing its memory.”

PlayStation 4 owners in the past have had ways of ways of expanding their memory externally, meaning only certain files could be saved. This is generally viewed as inconvenient, expensive, and annoying. The Data Bank essentially allows 3.5″ hard drives to become internal hard drives, so save files, data, and other necessary files can be placed in these larger, cheaper storage options.

Nyko definitely made an effort to focus on aesthetics as well. At first glance it’s hard to tell that there’s a huge change in your PS4 when you look at it. The image above shows that the accessory is still slim, attractive, and mixes well with the PlayStation itself, and doesn’t look like a clumsy addition that’s acting as a parasite.

Nyco has yet to announce a price for the PS4 memory Data Bank, or a release date. They did say that it will likely be withing the first half of 2015 however. The tech company also announced a new typing pad that attaches to the bottom of the controller and looks to be very useful.