Email service is closely associated with each one of us since time immemorial. It was and is still an important part of our life. Although, we do not forget to login to Facebook, Twitter and other social sites nowadays, however, neither do we forget to open our INBOX for any imperative tasks. Inboxes are controlling us rather than the other way around. In this context, when it is a question of running your online outlet, I am sure you can never ignore the prominence of email services for effective email marketing, as consumers have innumerable options for such services.


If you are one of the online merchant reading the blog post, let me bring to your notice that the top three service providers- Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo has recently been modified to Outlook. However, any changes to these services undoubtedly impact the eCommerce email platforms. Therefore, it is solely your responsibility to keep yourself up-to-date with any changes with email programs. This is simply because; these changes are dynamic in nature which involves a complete transformation in the user interfaces, algorithms and its rules.

As you know that Google refurbish the appearance of many of its services, recently it has turned its eyes on Gmail. It has unveiled automatic labels and a completely new look for Gmail. Not only this, it has announced several new tab features and layout that will allow for a more organized Gmail experience for your consumers. You can no longer see the traditional Inbox, spam or junk folder. Instead you will find that the Inbox has been categorised into different tabs to help classifying the incoming mails in a much better way.

Take a look at the FIVE new important tabs to make Inbox separate the emails:


In addition to this, Google has also changed its advertisement technique. The Google ads will now appear on top of the promotional tab, representing it as an email.

All these new features appear as LARGE TABS on the Gmail site that becomes easy to use for touch screens and also can be customized. Moreover, the consumer can drag and drop your messages and filter them accordingly. Isn’t this great news for your online venture? Well I am sure it is. The new functions are more touch-friendly and are designed to make email much more organized.

The change has given the users the ability to filter how they want to organize their email in the respective tabs. Thus, any promotional messages will go straight into the promotional tabs without settling down in the spam box or as dreaded junk. Thus for all the truly engaged and loyal customers, the conversion rate will automatically get augmented because they will seek out your messages in the ‘promotions’ folder. Therefore, those who are actually looking for promotions, this is an effective way to view them. Moreover, promotional emails will have an enhanced ‘shelf life’ as the receiver may go back to the email later and take appropriate action.

You can also see the primary tabs in Gmail for Android 4.0 and Gmail for iPhone and iPad once you open the app. However, you can also switch to the other tabs of your choice.

What else do you need? Your customers can tab back and forth between these different types of email instead of searching through a cluttered Inbox and directly contact your site to utilize any interesting offers. It makes easier for the consumer to scan and process email. I am sure you are definitely excited with this new email marketing process for your online store.

This is for all the eCommerce merchants, it’s time that you start analysing the number of your Gmail users and benchmark open, click and conversion rates on those users to convert your leads into sales.