A new Skype app that translates voice calls between both parties is now available, and it just might help break down those language barriers around the globe.

The app is called Skype Translator, and it’s something Microsoft has been researching for several years now. Their goal is to simplify world communication in the future.

For now, the software is available as a preview and will only work between English and Spanish speakers. The preview is compatible with Windows 8.1 and preview copies of Windows 10. The Verge says that “Skype Translator will translate voice input from an English or Spanish speaker into text and translated audio.”

Microsoft explains how the new app is a great tool for schools. The company has already tested the technology in schools, giving access to students in the U.S. and Mexico. These demonstrations were more for experiment, but today, widening the audience will give the Skype team better feedback and data.

Today, Skype has become popular in schools.Teachers use the application to join video conferences or connect with other classes around the world. More workplaces are taking advantage of Skype too, including the team here at Bussiness2Community.

Last month, Skype responded to more businesses using their software, making it possible to perform video calls across any browser without using Outlook. Skype Translator is another great addition that may attract even more schools and businesses.

This new Skype app also translates instant messaging conversations. As of now, there are more than 40 languages that can be translated.

In previous tests, the program worked between English and German speakers, meaning the software is already capable of translating several different languages. The company is most likely keeping it simple for now, and other languages could emerge, depending on the preview’s results.

If the program works flawlessly, then Microsoft has the ability to destroy language barriers. When it comes to international companies and important business meetings, this software could make communication a lot easier – which could increase productivity in the future.

If you would like to test the new skype app, you must request invite on their site. Check out the video below to see how to get started.