Instead of a single product with a clean simple neat function, today, we have intelligent products designed to integrate technologies and help produce all-in-one solutions. We have Android expanding into automotive platforms, integrating mobile technology in cars for the “connected car.”

And now we pave the way for Tizen, the operating system integrated with all of the Samsung Smart TVs. In a world where choosing a handbag brand has become a mammoth of a task, Tizen is ahead of the wave with more choices than ever before. It seeks to connect users to a world of limitless entertainment possibilities.

So, what all can a TV do? Tizen comes with enriched features such as the Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth which allows content to be seamlessly shared from a mobile device to a TV and vice-versa effortlessly. Users will be able to connect to multiple devices including wearables and in-vehicle infotainment that share the same OS.

Users can also watch live broadcasts or TV on their mobile devices, anywhere on their home network, even when their TV is powered off. Samsung’s Smart TV aims to redefine the entertainment experience which is now both integrated and powerful.

However, partly due to Samsung’s failure to launch a smartphone powered by Tizen, the OS has not been able to take off commendably. Despite Samsung standing as the top smartphone maker, experts are still skeptical about the platform’s viability in the smartphone sector, especially as the tech giants Android and Apple Inc.’s iOS capture the market in an unrivaled manner.

On the brighter side, the Tizen Operating System is still expected to play a game-changing role in Samsung’s smart-home business since Tizen is a widely distributed platform that can also run on devices with low computing power such as refrigerators and washing machines, offering enormous flexibility to the users as they can control and monitor such devices from a distance.

From smartphones to smart cars and smart TVs, the revolution keeps getting bigger, making the world more connected.

Kim Hyun-suk, head of Samsung’s visual display division recently revealed that a Tizen-powered TV would be on display at CES 2015.

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