WordPress plugins for 2016You indeed need to put in a lot of effort to make your website stand out in the crowd. You might put in your best efforts but if your website lacks some of the most important functionalities or the appropriate designing, you will do nothing but just shoot an arrow in the dark. WordPress is indeed a powerful tool to create a website in today’s world but it is not always able to do everything which you want. In a way, this is indeed a good thing as if it were able to do everything; we all would have to stick to the same old thing with our WordPress themes and designs.

Fortunately enough, WordPress comes with some unlimited plugins to extend and enhance the functionality of the website and make it stand out in the crowd. There are millions of plugins available on the internet and the concerns of this article will deal with the must-have plugins for 2016 which will have the best impact on your website.

  1. Akismet: If you’re planning to create your own blog, you should be eager to have comments from your target audience. You should be aware that all comments aren’t valuable for your post or even genuine. Fake and scam comments have become increasingly common these days. You can use this plugin called Akismet which can help you distinguish between genuine and fake comments. When you’re able to do this, you can also let your website rank higher in the search engine results.
  2. Jetpack: This is an all-inclusive plugin which offers a wide range of features from user retention to security to content. You can easily personalize your website, manage the content and posts, add themes, implement secure logins, analyse performance of your blog and know the user retention with only this particular powerful plugin. If you don’t want to enable all the features so that the website doesn’t get too heavy, you can disable the features which you don’t require.
  3. Updraft Plus Backup and Restoration: When it comes to keeping the backup of your website, this plugin simplifies the entire experience. With the help of this plugin, you can backup all the data into a cloud, both in a scheduled manner and manually. This kind of restoration can be done through just a single click.
  4. Wordfence security: This saves your website as it safeguards your data and stuff form the prying eyes of the hackers. This plugin is one of the most downloaded plugins of WordPress, it offer a server-side scan of the total source code of your blog. Once this plugin eliminates all malware, it will gradually speed up your website. You may get some premium services like Scheduled Scans, Country Blocking, and Password Auditing through the premium version of the plugin.
  5. WooCommerce: Are you someone who is planning to make an e-commerce store? If answered yes, then WooCommerce is a must-have plugin for your WordPress blog. This is a tool which provides some essential features like PayPal integration, sales and review reports, easy submission of coupons, handy inventory management and shipping methods. You can personalize this in accordance with the needs of your business.

So, if you have a WordPress site or blog and want to learn more, here is a very comprehensive list of WordPress resources for types and guides. All from beginner level tutorials to expert customization sites.