This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy is in London, England for Mozilla Festival, where she spoke about a video enhancement platform from Mozilla called PopcornMaker.

Basically, when you upload a video to YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, or any link to an HTML5 video, you can take the URL and enter it into PopcornMaker’s editor to add popups (or, as they like to call them, “Events”) to your that will display with your video when embedded on a website.

They’re very similar to the annotations you see on YouTube, but with Popcorn you’re not restricted to links only within YouTube. [Editor’s Note: YouTube has begun rolling out the ability to include external links in YouTube annotations for Partner channels.] Links can send viewers to your website or any other URL, and popups can be anything from text to a live Google Map.

Just go to and enter the URL for your video to begin. The layout is much like any other editor in terms of adding layers of overlays at different points in time throughout the video.

Available popup options include text, photos, Google Maps, Twitter feeds, and Wikipedia pages. Popups can be interacted with in real time right on top of your video as the audience watches it play.

PopcornMaker popup “Events” do not display when videos are played on YouTube itself, but will be seen wherever you embed the Popcorn Maker code from the final video “remix” you create with the tool. Then you can embed it on your website and link to it from your YouTube description so viewers don’t miss out on any of the great interactivity.

What do you think of Popcorn Maker? Will you try it on your videos to enhance them for viewers on your website?

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