Source: V3

Last week I wrote about how important timing is to the success of your brand from a macro and micro point of view. Well, this is thrown into even starker relief when you consider what happens on the web in 60 seconds. Here are a few staggering facts:

– 30 hours of video uploaded and 1.3 million video clips watched on YouTube

– 639,800 GB of global IP data transferred

– 204 million emails sent

– Amazon rings up 83,000 in sales (yes, in one minute)

– 320 new Twitter accounts are created and 100,000 new tweets are generated

– 3,000 photos are uploaded and there are some 20 million photo views

– 100+ new LinkedIn accounts are created

– 1,300 new mobile device users

– 277,000 Facebook logins and 6 million Facebook

– 2 million search queries

Taken together this post and the last paint a telling portrait of how much information overlaid your customer faces. From a branding perspective this making the requirement to be singular and consistent even more pressing, while from a user interface perspective it requires us to make the customer experience effortless and simple. Not small feats, but necessary when you consider everything else that is going on competing for their attention.

What fact shocks you most? How do you think brands should change to serve customers better in this environment?