There has been a vast amount of media coverage over Apple’s latest map app, featured on their new mobile operating system ios6. We’re confident you have all read the complaints and issues surrounding the latest map application release, therefore we won’t bore you with what you already know.

Whilst we agree the map application should not have been released with so many faults, we feel that it is a very exciting time in the mobile application industry and this should not go unnoticed. There are so many opportunities for software developers working within this industry, so let’s draw our attention to the positives amidst all these complaints and patent wars– the glass is always half full here at Thatcher MCS.

Mobile devices and applications are constantly adapting and improving, which is benefiting the way in which we communicate, carry out business and access news. Consumers and businesses have welcomed this change with open arms resulting in a high demand to create new and innovative mobile device applications. This is a prosperous time for mobile application developers, resulting in it being one of the fastest growing IT careers.

Ever since the launch of smartphones we have come to rely on our trusty mobile devices a lot more than we used to. Traditionally, we would use our mobiles to make a call or send a text message – far from what we use them for now. There is an application for almost everything!

So, we all know that many of us would struggle without our mobile devices – we now live in a world in which they are heavily relied upon just to get us through the day. On an average day we use our mobile applications for a variety of tasks: wake up to an alarm on our mobile, read a news app, check our emails, Skype a business colleague or friend, spend time on Social Media, use a map application to help us find our way – the list is endless. Just sit back and think about it, you will be amazed how much you rely on your smartphone.

What does this mean for Software Developers?

We know how much we rely on mobile applications throughout our business and personal lives -this market is accelerating at an exceptional rate and it is only going to become more demanding, proving mobile application development to be a great market to work in as a software developer.

As already stated, mobile application development is one of the world’s fastest growing professions due to the high demand in new and improved mobile apps. The rising demand translates to one of the largest IT skills gap in the market – there are more mobile application development job openings than there are professionals to fill them.

It’s an exciting market to become a part of and broaden your skill set. There are so many opportunities in this industry at the moment – a very inspiring market for software developers.

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