For only a few more weeks will users have to deal with their potentially regretful names in Minecraft. Many users have picked their username on a whim or associate with a certain fad or temporary interest, meaning many gamers will quiver with personal shame as they log in to their Minecraft game, go up to their cherished project, and stare at their immature username waiting to change it. Of course, not all users will want to change their usernames, but the option will soon be available.

Starting February 4th, all you will need to do is go to your Mojang account page, click the “change” button next to your name, and voila – new name. To make matters even better it doesn’t even cost anything. All users need is a Mojang account, or if you sign into minecraft with an email then you’re good too. You can migrate an old account here if you would rather make things easier by setting up a Mojang account.

Luckily, not all names are being taken away from current users, so no one’s name will suddenly disappear, nor will there be any duplicates. If someone does decide to change their name, then another user will be able to claim that name after 37 days.

Mojang was specific to point out that users can’t change their Minecraft name simply whenever they feel like it – all users can only change their name once every 30 days. To protect users against bots and trolls, if you’re banned, you’re banned – there is no way to come back to the game even if you attempt a name change.

If users only have an account for a free trial, then the name will become discontinued. If you wish to retain your name moving forward you will have to switch over to a paid account, otherwise it will be gone.

Photo Credit: Philip Roeland