skydriveWhile your business has likely considered cloud storage if it does not already use some form of it, the many different service options are sure to have brought debates among your IT planners. Microsoft SkyDrive is a cloud service offering from the computing giant that has been competing with the big players such as Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox, and It is, in fact, considered one of the rising stars in this field. There are many user-friendly features for easing the storage of documents and data in cloud-based databases.

The word from Microsoft is that SkyDrive is becoming the cloud storage service of choice for many businesses. With companies increasingly turning to the integration of mobile devices with their networks, the need to access files remotely has become more important. Collaboration between employees, managers, and executives from distant locations has become essential too, so Microsoft’s cloud solution has indeed made waves as a subscription-based model.

Business Advantages

Enterprises have a lot to look up to with what Microsoft is offering. The SkyDrive product is highly integrated with Windows 8. The mobile version of the OS also integrates with a SkyDrive account, so one can access the system from their smart phone very easily. Your aspirations for this cloud storage option are not dead in the water if your OS does not support it; the service is available through a Web browser. Any company, therefore, has options for logging in and accessing their data and files.

When it comes to cost savings, businesses have options. SkyDrive is offered for an annual fee based on the amount of storage. Enterprises can purchase a given amount of storage for a fixed annual price. Better yet, the app for the storage service is free, so you can install it on any device, regardless of the platform, linked to your network at no cost.

Additional Features

  • File sharing – Specific files can be selected from the SkyDrive interface and the user can choose whether to share the file via email, as a webpage, or on a specific social media site.
  • Moving files – With the newer version, files can be moved between folders via drag and drop.
  • Integration with Office 2013 – Any document saved on the Office 2013 suit will be automatically opened and saved from SkyDrive unless you set it to do otherwise.
  • Mobile Integration – With the SkyDrive app, you control the camera and video recorder on the device, and then store it directly to the personal or shared cloud folder.

With so much support for SkyDrive, the service is becoming easier to integrate with business systems. It is still considered young in the world of cloud computing, yet in February, it was announced that a billion documents had already been stored on Microsoft’s servers as part of the service. Neat features like being able to edit Word documents online and archive attachments for Gmail add to the appeal for cloud users in an enterprise. If you take Microsoft’s word, then SkyDrive certainly is gaining traction in the business market.