Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 OS

Recently Microsoft announced and demoed their newest version of the Windows operating system (OS), soon to be hitting stores near you. The new program is a touch-based system to run on desktops and mobile devices, as well as on tablets. It is also similar to the program which runs the Windows Phone 7. 

This new OS has been built from the get-go to be a fully touch-controlled system. It has been made to run for both the mobile devices which run Windows programs and for full desktop home computers. Of course, as desktop computer users do not often like a change in format – that is why they are still desktop users – the new Windows OS is fully compatible with a regular mouse and keyboard. These accessories are also available for mobile devices running the system. A virtual keyboard is also included, which can set vertically for slate use of the touchscreen. 

Much like the Windows 7 OS which runs on personal computers, Windows 8 includes the window-snap feature which allows a user to effectively multitask. By dragging a window to the side of the screen, it will snap to half-size of the screen, allowing for side-by-side comparison of not only documents but apps as well. For instance, one can run a Word document alongside their Facebook application. This of course is one of the pros of the latest Windows OS.

Other pros include an app store from Windows (gasp!), a new version of Internet Explorer which runs the Silverlight platform, and an integrated service called Office 365. There is currently no information on the release date or price of Windows 8, but hopefully it will be out soon. It may also be released under a different name, so watch out. As of right now Microsoft associates have declared “Windows 8” to be a demo title and they plan to come up with a newer, snappier one later.