microsoft onenote logoIn today’s software market, it is not uncommon to use a popular product that has gained recognition in a short amount of time. Microsoft OneNote is an example of such a program. If your organization uses this software frequently and you can swear it was never a thought on your mind until recently, you are not alone. Just 10 years ago, hardly anybody ever used it. Today, it is an extremely popular tool among business users.

The following features of Microsoft OneNote make it a versatile tool for sharing information:

  • Information can be entered in a free-form format. Notes can be typed in or handwritten, while users can also add drawings, screen clippings, and even audio files. Links and other forms of multimedia are also supported.
  • Files such as documents with supporting information, pictures, videos, and spreadsheet data can be integrated.
  • All files can be shared over the Internet
  • A feature called Inking lets the user draw with their finger, mouse, or a stylus. The program also converts handwriting into typewritten text.
  • The ability to create table headers and move rows and columns around has been recently introduced. Tables can be converted to charts and Excel spreadsheets as well.

One-Note Can Be Used Anywhere

Another beneficial aspect of OneNote is that it is available as a mobile application, which is supported by Windows, iOS, Android, and Symbian systems. It also supports editing from within a Web browser, so businesses relying on a mobile workforce have a versatile document handling tool for getting tasks completed. A sound scheme for organizing documents also makes the software a good fit for business. Information is saved in “Pages”, organized into the software’s “Sections” found within larger scale “Notebooks”.

How It Got Started

Announced in November 2002, OneNote appeared in its first version OneNote 2003, in November of that year. Subsequent versions were introduced in 2007, 2010, and 2013, with several service pack updates along the way. The initial version was built to work on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Prior to that, the software began internally as Microsoft executives sought a way to work with information not yet contained in documents. Items like names, addresses, phone numbers, links, and other information anyone needs to keep in memory were the target of the initial development.

The program initially was designed for PCs and laptops, but the concept of Tablet PCs was kept in mind as these were in the formulating stages. What came out of this effort was a program that could capture information as if it were an electronic Post-it, on any type of device. The resultant product is one that has grown in popularity as it contributes to increased productivity for organizations.

A Benefit to Businesses

Current features, such as simultaneous editing by multiple users and cloud-based storage, blend well with the demands of any modernized enterprise. Microsoft OneNote is also great for any business that wants to eliminate paper waste, share notes on a meeting or anything an associate, vendor, or customer might find useful, or integrate data with spreadsheets. Microsoft OneNote has rapidly developed into an essential software product for any organization, and your business is sure to benefit from it as a legitimate productivity tool.