Microsoft continues its trend of bringing more affordable and budget-friendly models to the market while shying away from Nokia’s flagship handsets by introducing the Nokia 215.

It is touted as the most affordable internet-connected phone sold by Microsoft yet that also supports apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Bing Search, MSN Weather, Opera Mini and more.  This is a remarkable upgrade from the $25 Nokia 130 which was another one of the other lower-end feature-phone market and offered no internet connectivity.

“Nokia 215 is our first entry-level phone to come with Facebook and Messenger with instant notifications, giving people more options to connect with friends and family,” noted Microsoft in a statement.

The phone costs $29 and primarily targets the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa and Asia later in the year. The phone will also be launching in Europe soon. Microsoft seems to be convinced of the market demand for phones on the lower budget range although they have far less capabilities.

The Nokia 215’s screen is a 2.4 inch QVGA LCD display at 320 by 240 pixels, 8MB of RAM, Bluetooth 3.0, and it has an embedded front-facing camera with a 0.3 megapixel resolution. It is also enhanced with MP3 and FM radio support and can be paired with a Bluetooth handset or speaker.  It uses a Series 30+ operating system and the phone has a standby time of up to 29 days and 20 hours of talk time.

This phone is built to value durability over hi-tech features and would prove useful in places that suffer through electricity shortages.  The built-in apps work only on a 2G connection and would be convenient to use for remote places or difficult terrains. It can also handle up to 32GB worth of content thanks to the microSD slot’s expandable memory.

Microsoft announced the Nokia 215 as its “most affordable internet-ready entry-level phone yet”, saying that it would be “perfectly suited for first-time mobile phone buyers or as a secondary phone for just about anyone”.