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With WordPress version 3.6 due out “any day now”…

It was fantastic to see WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg take the stage at WordCamp San Francisco and deliver his “State of the Word” 2013 keynote address.


Additionally, Matt also fielded questions afterwards, and the recording of that, if you wish it, is found here.

Mullenweg mentioned that WordPress 3.7 will be ideally be released in October 2013 with a focus on stability and security and 3.8 will be out in December 2013 with an “experimental” focus.

The 2014 theme will be a magazine-style release, which will feature a slider and other premium style elements, and is intended to be out by the end of the year 2013.

WordPress Is Taking Over The Web!


How Are People Accessing WordPress?


WordPress Evolved From A Blog Focus, To A CMS Focus, and Now To A Platform Focus


You Can Now Build Almost Anything On Top Of The WP Platform!


What Percentage Of People Are Using WordPress In What Capacity?


You can see that people are still primarily using WordPress as a CMS at 69 per cent, compared to 68 per cent last year.

Plugins & Upgrades Scare People!


This is exactly the reason that I offer services to maintain and keep your blog and plugins upgraded for you! You’re not alone without help out here :)

In fact, as a reminder, if you’ve not yet updated to 3.5.2, you’re highly at risk of the huge hacking spike we are seeing in 3.5.1 and prior versions which was patched for in 3.5.2. If you need assistance betting your site backed up and upgraded, just let me know in the comments below or open a ticket with my support desk.

WordPress has grown up baby!

What did you think of the screenshots of the things that may be coming if M6 is integrated into version 3.8?

Did you find yourself as shocked (and equally knowing it to be true) when Matt revealed that 96% of all blogs are abandoned within a year?

PS: Did you know there were more than 70 WordCamps (community ran seminars) held last year? Check out WordCamps near you or start your own!