GPS has become a must-have part of our life today. From assisting us to reach our destination to guiding the nearest Uber car to our location, it has become an integral part of the business as well as the consumer world today. But GPS comes with its limitations such as when you enter a building or an underground tunnel.

To overcome these challenges, positioning technology is moving ahead with the indoor positioning system. This technology today can be accurate to an extent where it can pinpoint to the floor you are on and how many meters away from the coffee machine.


Here is an every day example to understand the commercial advantages of this technology. You are walking near Starbucks and it invites you in with a free muffin! What makes it even more intriguing is that the idea of “Enterprise Mobility” can be achieved to an extent that we never thought before.

There are a few new technologies like magnetic positioning; Wi-Fi based positioning system (WPS), Bluetooth and NFC that will power this technology.

Mobile is ubiquitous. Contextual awareness regarding the ecosystem where mobile operates is the need of the hour. Indoor Positioning systems (IPS) have benn there for a while now. They are complex because of the multiple technologies and integration involved but the business value they can create is tremendous.

What is interesting is how the mobile acts as a facilitator for the entire process. For businesses this gives a unique opportunity to integrate this system with their business applications.

The one everyday industry it can be implemented in is retail. Even today when we enter a big commercial shopping complex it is really difficult to locate the store or maybe the one place that has the exact gift that you want to buy for Mother’s day. With IPS it would be really easy to provide the required assistance to shoppers. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Another major application in retail industry is to track the goods. The entire process of handling the warehouse inventory can also be simplified with IPS.

Next time you fly, notice how difficult it is to locate the entry point to your next flight and avoid the time wasted shuffling in between. There is actually a TV comedy show on this problem where airport authorities roam around the airport shouting flight details loudly to locate their travellers!. IPS can be of great use here as it gives both airlines and travellers the exact location to use.It can also be integrated to locate your luggage,cargo shopping destinations inside airports etc. Basically act as a personal assistant.

I see IPS bringing in great benefits in sports, hospitals, hotels, tourism,and targeted advertising industries. Integrating this technology with wearables and IoT devices will increase the potential of the application.

Although it looks like something that we all want to have in real life, the technology involved in bringing this to life is quite complex.Take the retail scenario for example, the application has to manage the location based data, and estimate the location and measure the difference between the shopper and products that she is looking for, along with other technical challenges. In addition to that, there are peaks in shopping malls at certain times in a day and IPS technology should be able to handle such sudden variations.

Without a doubt IPS has the ability to create business value.Such features not only make businesses more consumer friendly, but also effectively reduce the cost and time of operations.Do you think this is something that will be of benefit to your organization? We would love to hear your thoughts.

 Learn the key ingredients of a succesful enterprise mobility. Click on the infographic to know more.