business email, spam filters, email serversEmail is undoubtedly a big part of many businesses’ daily operations, however it can be notoriously unproductive at the same time; causing distractions, clogging up servers and attracting spam every hour of the day. So how can we make our business email a productive tool in our daily operations?

Spam Filters

Spam filters are the saving grace of inboxes around the world. Whether you set up your own or your hosted email provider has one built into their service, and effective spam filter will make all the difference for your business email.

Reviewing your spam filter on a regular basis and checking folders for missed emails helps you monitor the effectiveness of this solution. As will encouraging employees to add client email addresses to their contacts so important emails don’t get swallowed up.

Usage Policies

Usage policies can be as detailed or as general as you like. Providing guidelines for how business email is used can go a long way to keeping email productivity at a maximum. Using company email for personal use, methods of replying to clients, applying case numbers to queries can all be written into your policy.

Usage policies can also help in reducing email security risks. Outlining how email addresses are used online, what information is shared via email and the types of transactions that are conducted can ensure that a stray email isn’t the cause of a security breach in the future.


With email’s popularity in the workplace, email servers are battling to keep up. Faster servers are emerging all the time to deliver emails quicker and to work with larger volumes. The average corporate email account receives about 105 emails a day, 19% of which are spam and unwanted newsletters. Email servers all over the world are straining under the pressure to deliver and store all of this information.

Relieving the pressure on your email server and giving the responsibility of storing your emails on a dedicated solution is the most effective way to keep your email server performing at optimal levels. Without the added pressure of storing emails and performing searches, your email server is better equipped to deliver and receive your business emails.

Making your business email work for you can help streamline your daily operations to be efficient and highly productive. By taking just a few simple steps your email could be transformed from a communication platform to an optimized productivity tool.

Email archiving can help prevent the dangers of spam but has many more benefits. Download our free white paper which outlines the top 10 benefits of email archiving.