The fast paced economic environment and advancement of technologies had made it necessary to use a professional, sophisticated and dynamic system for the development of an online store to make it functional and successful. Magento ecommerce website development program is among the most preferred options that are considered to be the best for the development of an ecommerce store. Other features of magento that make it the best among others are as under:

Open Source: Magento ecommerce website development program provides a typical open source system in this direction as it is free to download for the development of websites of ecommerce stores. The capabilities of this program can be enhanced by the web developers by creating plug-ins and add-ons on it. The opportunities of expansions and growth that are enjoyed by all other open source solutions are also enjoyed by Magento being a product of ecommerce design house. It offers traditional web development services to the online commercial stores which want them to develop their websites including the services and features of Magento.

Comprehensive Program: Magento provides a very comprehensive program for the development of an ecommerce website. I fact it provides the most advanced program for the development of the website of an e-commerce store. This ecommerce website development program is capable of providing even the complex type of services needed by a online business. The large community of web providers, attached to magento developers and programmers due to its open source feature also make it a complete system that can help in developing an ecommerce website effectively.

Integration: Integration with any other third party resources like Google Check-out, Google Analytics, PayPal payment processing option etc. is another feature of Magento ecommerce website development program. Features like advanced pricing rules to support special promotions, a built-in product image zoom capability, helping marketing campaigns by landing page tool, product comparison tools, and inventory management also prove the integration capabilities of Magento. It can manage various websites and stores by using one product catalog and administration panel. Its rules about using flexible coupons also allow you to create various types of coupons and marketing campaigns. It uses the API of web services so that it can easily integrate the third-party tools for the better development of websites of ecommerce stores.

Secured: Magento also provide a secured environment to the website of ecommerce store through its strong coding and secured payment options. Your ecommerce store is secured efficiently with the help of codes used by this web development program as it saves your website from the attacks of Trojan Horses and viruses through its hand coding system. Lots of payment transactions taking place on these websites crate the problems of various external threats which are controlled by Magento by providing various other secured payment options to save its clients from financial losses.

Facility to create various types of products: Magento provides facility of various types of built-in products which can be used to accommodate most of the commonly used products, without any additional customization, to increase the sales of an online ecommerce store. Simple, Virtual and Downloadable are some of the simple product types that are provided by Magento but there are certain other types of products including Configurable, Grouped and Bundled provided by it and are considered as Complex types.

Though simple types of products can be developed easily by the web developers while developing website of ecommerce stores but developing complex types of products is a bit tricky and needs additional knowledge in this regard. You can consolidate the variants of product, based on simple products having their own stock management and SKUs, on a single product info page by using these complex products developed through Magento. The development of Configurable products on the website allows your customer to search for individual variant of your products by browsing only on the consolidated pages of the product. For instance if you sell a product with three colors and two sizes so you will have to create six variants to describe them individually and add them to your website as six differently configurable products so that your customer can access them as per their needs and add to cart.

Thus, while developing a website of an ecommerce store Magento needs all the perfect hosting facilities which can help in developing a perfect online commercial website.