Sony is finally starting to provide external hard drive support for its PlayStation 4 platform. With the next software update, PS4 users now will be able to download, install their games on an external hard disk and access whenever they want. Even though this is a feature already provided by the Xbox One since years, it’ll be nice to finally have it on PS4 devices.

If you’re not a PS owner, 500 GB hard drive capacity may seem pretty good from outside, but if you’re a hardcore gamer it’s absolutely nothing and the idea of deleting your favorite games to install the new ones makes game lovers go crazy.

Wait, I can already upgrade my hard drive easily?!

Actually, yes, there are few unofficial methods that allow PS4 owners to increase their hard drive capacity, but they involve some risks and you may face some problems such as not being able to install new games ¹ or getting some crazy missing file errors ¹. Fortunately, Sony comes to our aid here and offers an official and probably a bit more risk free and easier way.

According to the statement posted on the official PlayStation Blog, version 4.50 (called Sasuke) will support USB 3.0 HDDs up to 8TB in size. All you have to do is plug your hard drive into the PS4’s USB port, then store your games as you like.

It is possible to load all games and applications external hard disk except Save files. Games and applications loaded into external storage will look like they always do on the home screen.

Other features coming with Sasuke

Even though Sony hasn’t stated all the exciting new features going live with the new update, according to some rumors going around the web, the new feature called “Boost Mode” will improve the image quality and speed of the old games. Other obvious features that will be available in version 4.50 include:

  • Ability to change the wallpaper.
  • A new, cleaner and more organized notification system.
  • Improved Quick Menu page.
  • 3D Blu-ray viewing capability with PlayStation VR.

Beta users can access the new update immediately. Sony has not informed us exactly when the update will be available to all users, but, according to company’s update history, we can easily say it probably won’t take more than a few weeks.