Mobile Security

You’re busy. You’re running errands. You’re commuting to work, to school, and back home. You may also be traveling out of town – from plane to hotel and various destinations in between. With such a jam-packed schedule, you’re often making choices on the fly. Naturally, you choose convenience as much as possible.

But what about the security of your information? Are you putting yourself at risk for the sake of expediency?

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can have data security without shortchanging convenience.

However, being secure on the go does require some forethought and preparation. It also helps to have services looking out for you and your information that will protect you against fraud and identity theft wherever life takes you. EZShield can help you with both by offering proactive tips and valuable protection services.

Let’s take a step back for a moment to consider the greatest threats to your personal information, which provides the clearest understanding for how to protect yourself.

Reaction Time

Preventing fraudsters and identity thieves from exploiting your information is the top priority. It is a matter of being proactive with what you can control, while being prepared to react as quickly as possible to issues that are out of your control. The longer fraud or identity theft goes unnoticed, the more damage you and your finances will sustain. Keeping track of your information and how you are impacted enables you to speed up your reaction time for addressing problems and reducing your risks. This is why timely mobile alerts and monitoring are critical components of identity protection services — so you have access to information and assistance everywhere you go.

Password Protocol

As the gateway to your personal information, your passwords’ importance cannot be emphasized enough. Password strength is key, as is how you store your passwords. Yet, these are just two of many aspects for ensuring password security. There is also the matter of password-protecting all of your mobile devices, making every password unique, updating them regularly…and the list goes on. But it’s already more than enough to make it clear that maintaining all of that password information is a huge responsibility. This is where a password manager comes in to play. These services will securely store and organize your passwords, like EZShield’s encrypted online wallet.

Wi-Fi Exposure

Even password-protected, Wi-Fi can easily be hacked. And as much as 95 percent of Wi-Fi data traffic is unencrypted according to AirTight Networks. What’s more, free downloadable monitoring software enables anyone with a Wi-Fi-equipped laptop to break into a Wi-Fi system and view all associated online activities.

Adding to concerns about public Wi-Fi, hotel chains are common targeted by hackers. Because hotel Wi-Fi networks often integrate with their property management system, current and future guest data — including payment information — is threatened. Researchers from the security firm Cylance recently discovered vulnerable systems at eight of the top 10 hotel chains worldwide. The lesson here: understand your Wi-Fi risks so you don’t take unnecessary chances with your sensitive information.

Data Breach Explosion

The sheer volume of data breaches — from retail stores to hotels, universities, and online merchants —calls attention to extensive risks of information compromise. One in four consumers received a breach notification in 2014, an overwhelming 250 percent increase from 2013. Considering the likelihood of having your personal information exposed, your single best option is to remain aware. To help you stay on top of breach-related news, EZShield regularly posts breach alerts, easily followed on our mobile app and here on, along with important recommendations for what to do if you become a victim.

Addressing these top threats might seem like a monumental task. Especially given that so much of your life is spent on the go. But with EZShield’s comprehensive services and convenient DashAccess app at your fingertips, you have access to the latest fraud news, breach alerts and preventative measures, so you can protect your data wherever you are right from your mobile phone. All you have to do is make sure you’re taking advantage of this indispensable mobile security.

Let us do what we do best — secure, monitor, and restore your identity — so you can do what you do best without letting identity theft and fraud get in the way.