Light Up The Way Poles And Columns Buyer’s Guide

There are so many products and decorative ideas for the lighting industry. Here are some ideas to get the best lighting and have it look great! There are so many ideas to choose from for landscaping, decorative, commercial and even sports fields. You have to know what it is you are trying to accomplish and the budget you have allowed yourself.

Lighting Poles and columns

There are many types and sizes of lighting poles and columns. Some of the materials that are available for your poles and columns are steel, galvanized steel and others are made of aluminum. From parking lot poles to street lighting poles, there is a great selection to choose from. You should choose a pole that has a durable finish on it to protect it and to withstand the elements for a long time.

The purpose of outdoor lighting is to provide lighting to all of your spaces allowing for safety and security purposes. The poles and columns can come in various heights from 10′ to 50′ and anywhere from 4″ to 6″ around depending on what you are looking for and the support that is needed. There are many types of poles or columns to choose from and a few of the selections available are:

– Round
– Round tapered
– Square
– Square tapered
– Decorative

When you get the pole or one of the many architectural columns, you will have to decide on the topper that holds the lights. There are many designs that are available. You can go with a single or a goose neck. There are double and even clusters. It is up to you to decide what effect you need.

Decorative lighting Columns

There is one type of column that is unique and versatile. It is the decorative column. There are many different types of light columns and uses for them. They can be small or very large and used for a variety of reasons and entertainment. Listed are a few of the types of light columns that are available:

– Panels
– Glass
– Silk
– Inflatable

When the light columns are used there is a visual effect that takes place. Some are massive in size and they light up parking lots. Although it seems that they are just for light, there are other reasons to use them which are:

– Light
– Security
– Decoration
– Displays
– Advertising

It doesn’t matter what the event or reason, lighting poles and columns are an essential part of every type of business or event. Get started today and put up that masterpiece that will light the way and entertain for years to come.