Anybody who’s ever done anything has probably faced a difficult beginning, middle or end.

In fact they’ve probably faced difficulty at every turn and yet it’s that same difficulty that made the impossible possible.

Difficulty steers people onto new paths, gives us new experiences, new ways of looking at things and challenges us to find ways around or through to what we know is on the other side. If we choose to step up and follow our passion then great things can happen in facing and overcoming our difficulties.

For those who know me, they know I’m not a crazy Apple fan boy, nor am I a rabid Apple hater. I appreciate what Apple has brought to the world and how it’s contributed to the positive evolution of technology in our lives. But things don’t inspire me; people do.

What’s really amazing about Apple is the man who started it, amongst other great companies, who has now sadly passed away. Steve Jobs.

Steve is much like most of us, a flawed individual that some would say is not particularly exciting to work for or be around, yet he managed to overcome and do so much.

From being rejected at birth twice, a failure at school, getting fired from his own company and finally given a death sentence by doctors.

I salute you Steve for your vision, determination and your willingness to share with so many even if you were a bit of a troublesome geek.

Sit back and be inspired by Steve as he gives a talk at Stanford and the twists and turns he’s faced over the years.

This is the kind of fighting spirit we need to see us through to better times.  However, don’t ignore the fact that its our mistakes truly enable us to distinguish what we need to do to get right.