The leading product vendors to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) all agree that “clients today have changed the way they purchase IT and so an MSP or cloud provider must demonstrate a level of trust before the managed services relationship starts. How they market themselves often will be the difference between success and failure. “Charles Weaver, CEO of MSP Alliance.

Many companies that are now MSPs have evolved from offering hosting services or traditional IT services to offering computing as a service via the cloud. Many IT companies that have a long standing Value Added Reseller (VAR) relationship with vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM or EMC have transformed their relationship from one of reselling and implementing vendor solutions on their clients’ premises to offering them as an on-demand utility.

This changes the way MSPs need to engage with their market and those who have adapted they way the find and engage their target audience are succeeding. Traditional hosting companies or VARs have taken a predominantly outbound approach to their marketing. This includes the use of direct mail, trade shows and telemarketing. Those companies that have successfully made the transformation from Hosting or VAR to MSP have recognised that they need to do the following 5 things:

  1. Map their marketing strategy to each of the stages of the cloud services adoption journey
  2. Choose their vendors based on evidence that they will help them reach and engage their market
  3. Message their cloud services offerings with the big themes that their target market cares about
  4. Be ready to offer their customers on-demand services that can be provisioned immediately
  5. Develop an inbound go-to-market strategy which pulls potential customers towards them with great content

To find out more about these necessary elements of your go-to-market plan for new cloud services please have a look at our latest whitepaper here: