What Does the Future of iPhone Hold?

On Wednesday, December 30, the world was able to catch a glimpse of what’s to come in the future generation of iPhone, and some of the changes are far more impressive than the last few releases, which can be described as somewhat lack-luster.

One of the most exciting functionality additions on the iPhone 7 is that we are almost certain that it will be completely waterproof. According to some sources, Apple has secretly and slowly been making iPhone more and more waterproof with each generation. There are, however, certain physical aspects that constrict the current iPhone’s ability to be waterproof to the extent that Apple can guarantee that no damage will be done (so don’t go swimming with your phone just yet).

For example, the earphone jack and USB port currently pose a problem as they are not sealed. This leads experts to believe that the next generations are likely to completely omit any plugins, forcing all earphone activity to be Bluetooth-based and perhaps finally offering an effective wireless charging solution.

In terms of design, we could be looking at a significant improvement in the quality of iPhone’s screen, as rumour has it that the company will be switching from LCD to OLED screens some time soon. Leaks also imply that Apple will get rid of those annoying little plastic antennas that are currently necessary to help pick up connection, and replace them with a more consistent metallic line, allowing them to maintain a certain degree of aesthetics.

iOS 9.2: What You Need to Know

Now that we got all of the guess-work out of the way, the Vordik team can tell you a little bit about what we do know for certain.

The iOS 9.2 version released to US and UK residents earlier this month (and soon to be released to Canadians as well) demonstrates Apple’s commitment to pushing for Apple Music as users’ go-to streaming app. After an initially disappointing reaction, the Apple UI team has made some serious improvements to the app’s User Interface, and has also obviously been doing some UX testing. This really shows through in 9.2 like never before.

On the technical side, an extremely long list of major bugs and stability issues has been eliminated in iCloud, Health, Activity, Email, VoiceOver and the camera app (among others).

In other words, if you are still considering whether or not to download the latest iOS version when it becomes available, we would highly recommend it, as it’s a significant improvement over the last release.