LaCie-USB-3.0-Hard-DriveMost LaCie products are targeted towards industry professionals or prosumers, Porsche Design products, on the other hand, are normally geared towards the elite: brand-centric individuals that would pay top dollar for the extra bling.

Technological advances are consistently trying to decrease our dependence on the less reliable, more power-consuming conventional hard disks, in favor of Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Cloud storage. While we transition and adapt to these newer more robust platforms, LaCie and Porsche Design bring to us an exorbitantly priced, but undeniably beautiful 1TB USB 3.0 external hard drive.

Good looks aside, this hard drive comes with all the support and features we are used to seeing on LaCie hard drives for Mac or PC as well as a two year local warranty, although market prices may vary we were told that, the drive can be bought for a whopping price tag of around 220 dollars.


A Metallic grey sharp-edged brushed aluminum casing houses the hard drive and does wonder to hide scratches and fingerprints. There are two black matt finished plastic panels along the side, one of which has the LaCie logo engraved at the bottom, while the other has a USB 3.0 port at the top and a mono-color sticker at the bottom, depicting various trademarks and registrations.

Generally unnoticeable, like all intelligent designs, there is a laser cut slit along the profile of the hard drive, under which there is a single white LED that becomes active when the drive is busy.


LaCie packed in a complete software suite inclusive of password protection that has a 256-bit Advance Encryption Standard (AES), Automatic backup functionality that can be tied in with, but not dependant on Time Machine, and Economy mode, that can save up to 40 per cent on energy. The icing on the cake is the added 10GB of secure online storage that you get courtesy of Wuala by LaCie.

The drive is very user friendly, reliable and secure. It is also very quiet, unlike most hard drives which can sometimes scare you in the middle of the night if you leave them connected. The only drawback as such is that it is a 5400rpm hard drive: limiting the read and write speed from maxing out.

The verdict

For the price of this 1TB drive you could get double or in one case triple the volume from another manufacturer. Needless to say, none will look or feel comparable to the aesthetic provided by Porsche Design; they will probably not be as quiet either since the all aluminum structure addresses those problems quite well. The USB 3.0 port seems a little weak when compared to the rest of the architecture.

Design, security, stability and consistency defend this product, while the price factor and speed limitations argue against it.