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Kyberlight Kickstarter Campaign: The Force Is Strong With This Customizable Lightsaber Kit


Looking to upgrade to the latest in Jedi technology? A new kind of lightsaber offers fully customizable options, a lifetime warranty and amazing sound effects.

The Kickstarter campaign for Kyberlight seeks to deliver the “greatest lightsaber in the galaxy.” So far, the campaign has received over $145,000 in pledges, far surpassing their goal, and they still have a whole month left. The have more than 350 backers and has an estimated delivery of August 2016.

According to the campaign page, “As long time obsessed fans with engineering backgrounds, we set out to engineer the world’s greatest combat ready, custom lightsaber. As we looked around the world of custom sabers we felt there was huge opportunity for someone to really do it right…And that’s exactly what we did when we created Kyberlight.”

Among the customizable features is the option to customize the hilt of the lightsaber. According to the campaign’s page, the accessories can be mixed and matched to create a completely unique lightsaber. The starter kit comes with 12 accessories, including a black, gold and red overlay. Not only does the hilt feature color customization, but so does the saber itself. There are 20 built-in colors, ranging from a deep red to a mysterious purple. The saber’s innovative LED technology also makes it “the brightest in the galaxy” with over 320 lumens.

The lightsaber also features high-quality sound effects, which include on/off, hum, swing and clash. So not only will the lightsaber be the brightest in the galaxy, but it can also be heard across the galaxy as you enter those galactic battles. And when doing battle, Kyberlight also boasts virtual indestructibility, offering a lifetime warranty should something happen.

A pledge of $299 includes the Kyberlight, its accessories and fighting gloves and the campaign offers a best-pricing guarantee. Other rewards packages include a t-shirt, a saber connector and multiple accessory customization packs.

Would you try out the Kyberlight?