Kraftwerk is advertised as the first hand-held fuel cell generator operated on gas. It’s the product of German company eZelleron which has raised over $300.000 dollars so far on their ongoing Kickstarter campaign which ends on the 5th of March.

The device looks and poses as a battery pack, but actually is a portable power plant that once depleted, will recharge itself in only 3 seconds. The word “Kraftwerk” means “power station” in German, and the engineering team behind the product spun out from the well-known research company Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

The idea of fuel cell technology has been around since the 1950’s but our reliance on fossil fuels has slowed down its development as a viable energy source. The concept revolves around turning chemical energy into electricity.

If eZelleron pulls it off, they would have created a portable power plant that is independent from any electrical grid and can be taken all over the world as clean, cheap, portable power.

Products like Kraftwerk are not completely new, and there have been other fuel cell Kickstarters like the Devotec Micro fuel charger and the unsuccessfully funded HALO charger. But none of them seem as a robust solution as the kraftwerk units.

Besides its stylish design, the Kraftwerk runs on a short spray of camping gas or standard lighter fluid (which can be purchased in almost any convenience store in the world) and it will charge anything that can be plugged into a USB cable such as laptops, iPads, iPhones, cameras, and shaving machines.

The company states that one filling can supply energy for up to 11 phones. They come in three different color combinations, black/silver, yellow/black and silver/beige dubbed respectively “Urban”, “Outdoor” and “Glam”. On their Kickstarter campaign, you can choose to be a distributor of the product for $10,000 or pre order a unit for around a $100. The Kraftwerk portable power plant will be available commercially for $149.

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