DNS Malware: Is Your Computer Infected?

Many months ago, the Government took over control of your access to the Internet.

Or Not …

The problem is this.  Someone else *may* have taken control of your computer.  And about 570,000 others.

Last November, the FBI shut down an international hacking site that had successfully infected over a half million computers, causing them to use the hacker’s own servers as their DNS.  The FBI took over, but couldn’t simply shut the servers down.  So they have remained active.

But they will be shut down in July.  If your computer is infected, YOU WILL LOSE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET.

The good thing is, it is easy to find out if you are infected.  Simply go to this site:


It  will tell you if you are infected.  If you are, you need to follow the directions on the screen to get it fixed.  If you are not, you don’t have to do anything.

Remember, you only have until July, so click on the link above NOW and make sure you are good to go!

For more information, you can read about it on the FBI WEB SITE.