In an effort to get ahead of the competition, some hotels are doing their research and improving the quality of stay for their guests. The goal is to offer guests the comfort and ease they might find at home, and then some. Many hotels are doing this by improving the technology within the hotel room. In latest news, one hotel in Vancouver has just raised the bar in their guests’ technical comfort.

The Opus hotel is located in a trendy neighborhood called Yaletown, full of fast-paced and tech savvy travelers. In order to keep up with their clientele, the Opus made the decision to replace all old-school hotel phones with iPhones. Not only does this provide a way for out-of-country guests to learn their way around, but also eliminates their potential roaming fees.

The iPhones’ contact lists are complete with each department of the hotel, making it easy and fast to stay connected with the hotel staff. Guests are given the choice to bring the iPhones with them to off-site activities. Once the guest checks out, the device is swept clean of all past usage information, keeping things private and secure.

We are excited about this news for one specific reason: the hotel marketing potential. Imagine the possibilities. By providing a guest with an iPhone, you are offering them a way to be entertained throughout their entire trip. You have also created a unique marketing opportunity for your hotel and the brands you partner with. Perhaps, in the future, we will all be turning to the hotel iPhone to receive information on deals and activities within the hotel and the surrounding area – especially when traveling abroad (goodbye, roaming fees!).